I rarely get time to listen to Benji B’s show on 1xtra but I managed to once earlier this year. There was 1 tune in particular that he played which really grabbed me. It was by a trio out of NZ called EWH and they flipped Minnie Riperton’s Inside my Love  so well. I didn’t think anyone else could do it as good as Tribes, J88 or Kenny Dope!!

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Rider alway had the see thru Armani tops on!!


All I can remember from this night was seeing Rider standing at the back of the club smiling as everyone spilled out onto Mountain Terrace at 5am….  Good times !!

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Put 4 fingers in the air

Make It Happen

This killer mix has been on rotation for a few months & I have not seen it posted in any blogs….Why is everyone sleepin’?

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J Rocc & Adam 12 @ Afex

March 18, 2009

J Rocc & Adam 12

Afex 4 hour blend

I didn’t want to repost things from other blogs but the occasionally there are exceedingly good mixes that I reckon you need to check.. Also one of my favourite DJs has his own blog & is posting the highest quality sets on the regular .


So what you have here is a 4 hour live set with the funky president J Rocc & Adam 12.  They keep it moving with a classic selection smooth 90’s RnB,  golden era Hip Hop &  many other funky/soulful gems. This is the bizness…I bet the person with the white Pontiac didn’t move their car until these 2 finished up on the decks !!




Turn it up


This evening the train home was delayed by an hour (pretty unusual for the Deutsche Bahn), but it wasn’t all that bad because I could enjoy over and over the Jay Dee interview that aired on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show on BBC Radio 1 back in 2001.  It makes you feel like your sitting round the camp fire with the late great Dilla on story telling duties.

Thanks goes to Madlib over at Rappcats for hosting (and whoever recorded this)

Rollocast 008

March 14, 2009

Weapons used in 008


This morning I had some time on my hands b4 I went to play tennis.  Try because you might like it !?!?

1984 – Theme

March 13, 2009

She's a tramp...du du du du du du du..TRAMP

I recently grabbed this heavy funk 7″ and it has been on such heavy rotation the last few days, so I decided to make it my pick of the week. 

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King of diggin

I’ll kick off the week with a recommendation!! Make sure you get your hands on this wicked lil’ mix series by the King Of Diggin’ from Japan,  DJ Muro.

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