Remember the Record Shop?

October 29, 2009

© Guy Le Querrec / Magnum Photos

Magnum looks back at the days when listening to music was a physical experience. Head over to their site to check out more beautiful shots  from this collection.

Get Back....

 livegb3  // livegb4 // livegb5

The Get Back is one of the premier funky soul dance parties in the states, it goes down on the 1st friday of each month in Las Vegas @ the Beauty Bar.  Recently it turned 7 & in celebration they gave out Volume 6 of their wonderful deep funk mix CD series. Each mini mix on the CD was recorded live in the last year with selectors John Doe, Phoreyz, Danny Boy plus guests Renato & Meaty Ogre all laying down the heat. These cats are serious collectors of anything funky and take pride in rolling out their Get Back sounds.  Live funk mixes don’t get much better than this…..

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Intergral 014 - Lenzman & Redeyes


Lenzman‘s 2nd outing on Intergral is as dope as the 1st, though this time round he teamed up with Redeyes. On the B side is a Pete Rock (It’s On You) inspired piece, a lovely Ahmad Jamal piano sample over some crisp beats that they called Thieves Of The Night. The flip is a touch more rolling but also contains uplifting jazzy flavours and a catchy male vocal. This is perhaps Lenzman’s finest releases to date and I must admit that I like these 2 tunes better than 95% of his other released/unreleased things. As for Redeyes, he has been very quiet the last 18 months on the release front, but when he is on the soulful tip he is usually vibing and reliable……….

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Dela from the ground up. . .


Before I get back into more vinyl/cd  recommendations/reviews, I thought I’d mention this one as I saw the little advert in the newest edition of Wax Poetics. Dela drops a short but sweet podcast for with music from Q-Tip, Large Pro, Blackstar, Common & SV amongst others….


Zitate is the freshest local product in my area by Hulk Hodn and Retrogott. I am not a fan of  kampf rapping, but Retrogott and co are representing the underground (real hip hop) and are pretty comical peeps.  The production of this release is the highlight,  it makes me wonder why Hodn doesn’t reach out and get behind the boards of some English speaking lyricists or do more instrumental projects.  Unfortuntely the German language isn’t the nicest on the ear so it makes it only essential for the Deutschland heads.

Kashmeer Wax


Here’s a chilled out jazzy/friendly hip hop/trip hop or whatever you wanna call it  mix from the Kashmeer Brothers.  A perfect way to ease into the week…..

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ABC October 2009 Flyer

I am gonna be over on the island for a few days and will head into London on Friday evening. If your in the area and into deep DnB then you would be crazy to miss this one. All info over at

More Mitsu . . .

October 13, 2009

JSV-073 & JSV-074

Mitsu The Beats is back with 2 new little slabs of wax. One 7″ is the 2nd sampler from his 2nd album which has lush rhodes, electric piano and the soulful vocals of Ivana Shantilli from Canada. The other 45 contains a remix of the cover version The Louis Gee Ensemble did of Rene Costy’s libraray tune Scrabble. 2 nice……..

SIG015aa Calibre -  Love's to tight to mention
I think I am the only person amongst the deeper dnb fans who isn’t really feeling Calibre‘s music the last couple of years. I have been buying most his releases though I must admit the last few are sitting unplayed on my record shelves.  I um’d and ahh’d over this record but Love’s To Tight Too Mention is off the chain. His use of the orchestral chords, a tender DRS vocal, incredible mix down and a Second Sun LP era vibe make this side simply irisistable. The flip is nice, but the keys are identital to his cut Groove Me (mistical collab), the use of a piano is nothing really new or exciting for him and his singing sounds awful. Everyone reckons he can sing but if he sung acapella would you go and see him…. !!?? Maybe I am being harsh but I miss the pre-2005 Calibre magic.

DJ Expo – What It Is

October 7, 2009

What It Is

LA’s Root Down resident DJ Expo drops a tight all funk 45’s mix CD called What It Is. The selection he draws is gritty and full of obscurities that you wouldn’t expect from any 23 year old. The mix comes nicely packaged with the artwork by Food One and a vinyl textured CD.  One for the deep funk crew……..