BBC 2 Jungle Documentary

November 26, 2009

Is it me or is UK Apache actually Peter Andre? Big up harry2damax for posting this documentary from 1994. A history lesson…..

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J-Rocc v J-Man

November 22, 2009


I think I would be one of the few people that still buy mix CD’s and thats because J.Rocc is still putting them out ūüėČ This time round he has¬†done a special¬†label¬†mix for the London based reissue champions Jazzman Records.¬† One word …. D O P E

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Porcelain Remix

November 18, 2009


I heard this¬†remix played a few months back and I was overjoyed as its one of them tunes that I had always wished got a DNB remix. I asked the¬†producer¬†if it was gonna come out and the answer was “no!!” ….Anyway he is now giving it away for free. Thank you Atlantic Connection.

4 Hero Presents: Extensions

November 13, 2009

4 Hero Extensions LP

4 hero¬†have invited a hand picked selection of European artists/producers that you would associate with the Nu Jazz genre to cover some of their music for this Extensions LP.¬†This is hardly a remix album but a personal collection of¬†beautifully crafted compositions, arrangements and orchestrations.¬†The highlights¬†are the¬†reinterpretations from Robert Mitchell Trio,¬†Sonar Kollektiv Orchester and Vince Vella’s Cuban Collective. An album not just for 4 Hero fans, but also lovers of contemporary jazz. Brilliant!!

GPO - Soft Wind 45

German reissue label Sonorama digs even deeper to release this psychedelic funk nugget. The 3 library tracks on this¬†45 were originally¬†pressed up by the chemical company BASF¬† in the 70’s for advertising purposes.¬†The Gary Pacific Orchestra bring the heavy psych funk, soul breaks and deep flute lines on this rare groove 7″.

PBW – 45 Live Box Set

November 8, 2009

donuts or biscuits?45 Live Box Set

PBW has dropped¬†this brilliant 10 x 7″ box set of classic 80’s hip hop joints. Apparently some of the tracks were never available before¬†on 7″ (due to their length)¬†so PBW has¬†edited them especially¬†for the project. The slices come in a super duty¬†tuff biscuit tin with a free sticker and label artwork that is identical to the original releases.¬†5 Day Weekend have not¬†cut any corners in making this dream come true for lovers of old school hip hop.

‚ÄúThis project is such a great honor for me to be involved with. This is one of the crowning moments of my music career, seriously. As a kid growing up in San Jose, CA when all this stuff was coming out, I was hooked and half a lifetime later I still am. I can only imagine what these songs sound like to a teenager today hearing them for the first time, just as they probably wonder what it was like for someone like me to have heard them for the first time back when it was all happening. I’ve also always wondered what it was like to grow up in one of the five boroughs in Hip Hop’s infancy in the 80s. These songs were the closest I got to knowing.” ‚ÄĒ Peanut Butter Wolf


“Trust in us, and thus you trust in your life. Lucien, Lucien, Lucien, Lucien. You should know!¬†” ….¬† Killer Funk are back with¬†their 8th cheeky release with a brass heavy¬†re-edit of Billy Brooks’ Forty Days – essential.

T 001

There isn’t much info to be found on the Japanese new jazz collective RF. On this their debut release¬†is¬†their own interpretation of¬† Stan Getz’s Saudade Vem Correndo on the a side. The flip¬†has a¬†cover of Yusef Lateef’s Love Theme From Spartacus. Only 300 of these¬†smooth 7″s¬†have been¬†presssed so you better¬†start runnin’ to your local vinyl spot asap.

Atom – Night Flight

November 4, 2009

 Atom - Night Flight - Sonorous 007

I first heard Atom‘s music when Intalex played Dolly on his Soulution Radio show a year or 2 ago.¬†Since then the hobby producer has¬†finished a few¬†more tunes and finally made his well deserved debut on wax with this 12″. Nightflight¬† raised the hairs on my head when¬†I 1st heard it. It is¬†a stripped down minimal groover which is warm and somehow reminds me of the music Omni Trio were making about 10 years ago.¬† The flip is also a deep, techy &¬†¬†minimal number with plenty of soul………