Like the scores of musical sounds and ideas it is meticulously crafted from, Ultimate Breaks and Beatles belongs to nobody yet everybody. Composed of crates upon crates of Beatles records, obscure covers of Beatles songs, the entire 25 volume Ultimate Breaks and Beats series and plenty more, it is a celebration of record collecting, DJing, hip hop music, and above all, the unparalleled resonance and influence of both the almighty Beatles and the almighty Ultimate Breaks and Beats series. In the tradition of its two titanic subjects, the mix defies genre; at once spanning, re-contextualizing, and transcending everything from classical to blues to jazz to rock to rap in just over and hour. Unlike your neighborhood hipster laptop DJ’s latest trendy “mash ups”, there was absolutely no software, sequencers, or techno used here–just a ton of vinyl, two turntables, a mixer, and an 8 track…

Start your week with a smile courtesy of  Scott Down & DJ Cutler’s fun Beatles vs Ultimate Breaks & Beats mix. If your the vinyl buying type, then don’t miss their UBB tribute 7″ on Lo Do Records.  Breakbeat Lenny would be grooving out in heaven!!

Jaylib vs J.Rocc

February 5, 2010


The friendly people at Stones Throw have now decided to give this mix away as a free download.  It was previously available on promo CD in 2003  and the Jaylib bit of the mix was on the fan club 45 for their LP. I am happy owner of the CD and I reckon you check this as its J.Rocc mixing up Dilla and Madlib beats…..

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Mos& BenjiB1x17012010

Benji B drops some of Mos Def’s finest musical moments plus has some interesting talks with the man about the making of The Ecstatic, Brooklyn, the legendary DJ J Rocc, Blackstarr doing some singles, Dilla’s legacy and even playing the timpani. The last hour of the 3 hour session is filled with Mos Def’s selection. Big up to Kareem over at  nobodydancenomore for recording this show. A big download at 250mb but it’s raw and enlightening.

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