Wojciech Karolak – EASY!

December 16, 2011

WOOHOOOO I can finally cross this off my wants list. I got hooked on Wojciech Karolak’s EASY! LP when I heard the latin jazz monster Why Not Samba on a compilation a few years back. I find it funny what he wrote on the back cover:  I intended to cut a record with pop music played by jazz musicians. It was done easy, and it should be listened to easy aswell; it may come in through one ear and flow away  through  another. And if, incidently, it brings the listener some pleasure – we may say the mission is filled. Hardly pop music but a nice Polish fusion album from 1975. No fillers on here…..

Fake Blood – Used Volume 6

November 24, 2011


I snuck v5 into the last posting … but yesterday Volume 6 landed on the almighty soundcloud, so I thought it would be wise to shine some more blogging light on these exceptional mixes. The blog has taken a back seat for the mo’ , as I just moved and life is a little hectic. Please bare with me as once the dust settles I should be able to gain enough momentum to resurrect the podcast series and catch up on some wax from the last weeks. I’ll do my best thats for sure….

Slice of Spice records in conjunction with Underboss Entertainment have pulled this mix out after recently raiding the Lord Finesse vaults. The funk soul brother has dropped an ecentric selection of breaks, samples and simply just good music. If your gonna buy a mix CD this year then I would recommend this …….

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Freddy Fresh put these books together a few years ago & they are basically a comprehensive guide for any beat digger who needs some assistance with sample sources. I used to rely on sites like Encyclopedia Breakanica, The Breaks or just mix tapes from my favorite DJs for education but now I have these!!! The Re:Sampling Dictionary is ordered by the original artists that were sampled (eg. James Brown) & the Sampling Dictionary is by the actual artist that sampled someone else (eg. The Pharcyde). These books are pretty mind blowing and although they don’t have everything, I will definitely be packing them when I hit any record fairs or 2nd hand stores in the future. There are only a small amount remaining that Freddy brought back with him from a recent trip to Japan, so hit him up ASAP to secure a copy …  freddy@freddyfresh.com

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v1 / v2 / v3 / v4 / v5

DJ Touché (from The Wiseguys fame) AKA Fake Blood has laced the world with 5 killer breaks mixes. Essential listening for those that like digging in the crates. Class is in session…..


I saw this Faces In Reflection LP by George Duke in a 2nd hand store when I was in London last month, but to my suprise it was totally trashed so I passed. Last week I decided to lashed out and picked up a NM copy from a local online dealer. Faces in Reflection was recorded in 1974 and was released on one of the greatest German jazz labels, MPS Records. Rather than bigging the album up, you may aswell get an insight from the keyboard maestro himself…

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VA – Beat Power

June 24, 2011

This arrived the other day as an unexpected freebie in a recent order. It is an exclusive from my record supplier over in Köln – danke schöne. Compliled by Twit One, it comprises of 31 instrumental productions from 31 artist (predominantly from the German underground Hip Hop scene). The sounds are a throw back at that golden hip hop era with a 2011 twist. Beat Power will be out  22nd July on Augenringe unter dem dritten Auge Records.  This is definitely heavy, but I am sure your tough enough to grab a copy…..

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Jazzy Sport’s re-edit label Black Cow are now upto there 5th release. The 1st few in the series were on the disco/boogie tip, so I didn’t pick them up. Though the last 2 (bc-004 & bc-005) are definitely up my alley. My pick of the bunch is Smiling Kungfushi. The original track name has escaped my mind but I guarantee if your a regular on here you will be into it………….


Just when you thought the Roses series was over, DJ Mitsu returns with his next installment. Midnight Roses keeps that rhodes heavy vibe alive and as the title suggests this one is all about the late night sessions. The mix starts off great, but includes a few vocal tracks & boogie joints that dont really fit with the mellow instrumental selection. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy this mix loads, but I was expecting a little bit more as the other 3 mixes in the series blew my hair back. Make sure you grab a copy from a retailer in Japan.


José James has been busy touring, but apparently a new album is due very soon. In the meanwhile, make sure take 120 seconds or longer & enjoy the free DL from a live show late last year.

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