Out now is the follow up to Freddie Joachim & Question‘s full length Study Guide CD. This 10″ contains 6 cuts not on the CD, a side each per producer. All instrumental hip hop tracks are on the jazzy tip and extremely mellow. Though to be honest I only picked this up for the sweet & wonderful Find Another Way (ATCQ-Towa Tei-Carlos Nino re-edit/collage). This 10″ is nice but by no means essential, like the CD, I  feel the majority of the tracks lack something (mc’ing/singing, scratching or some other sounds).

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JR & LP follow up on the wonderful Unseen Trap 10″ that dropped earlier this year, with this long player International Summers. The UK hip hop scene veteran, Lewis Parker, has taken charge of the boards with a cinematic sounding production. Mr John Robinson has not failed to disappoint with the main mic duties alongside Parker. This also includes a whole load of guests MCs that are new to me, with the album being musical, lyrically deep and one you can enjoy  from beginning to end. It comes with a cassette of the instrumentals (hmmm I want these on wax aswell) and stunning pencil drawn/air brush cover.

Mos Dub

July 16, 2010

A tidy little mash up project by Max Tannone that’s available for free DL over at mosdub.com . I am not a huge reggae fan but this is tastefully put together with Mos Def acapellas laced over some classic riddems. Skankin’…………..

Another double LP from Japanese producer Bulljun. This is his throwback to the golden era, east coast hip hop. The 17 tracks are composed from his MPC 2000 XL. Nothing but chilled out, instrumental, sample based sounds. I wouldn’t say every track is a winner, but there is a definite shortage of laidback downtempo beats that were once available on labels like Mo Wax & Ninja Tune…….

Onur Engin Edits

July 9, 2010

Turkish producer Onur Egin has just released this wonderful re-edit 12″.  He has reworked latin pianist João Donato, Gene Harris’ take on a Stevie Wonder track, a disco version of Be Thankful for What You’ve Got and Diana Ross’  Brown Baby. All 4 tracks are done  proper, making this the best re-edit record I have heard so far in 2010…. an essential bit of wax!!

The releases from Eveson are dropping on the regular as he is not tied up to a particular label and he is finally getting the love he deserves. Two 12″s in particular that have grabbed my attention in the last weeks are those on the ever reliable labels Integral and Influence. From the noticeable Roy Ayres sample on Brooklyn to the dreamy Jill Scott vocals on Fantasize, each side is a winner. Both are buy on sight material that you can roll out in the club or just chill to at home. Vibin’……..