I was taking a rest from buying records (as i wanted to save $ to move to the UK) when this dropped and its only taken me 8 years to finally track down a reasonably priced NM copy. As far as a Jay Dee’s remix work went, I believe this was one of his finest moments. Classic.


Since Jay Dee passed away a few years back & there has been a countless tribute mixes with all the same tunes played in different orders. One that has managed to stand the test of time on my MP3 player is this one by DJ Rasta Root. The mix has no over the top turntablistic muscle flexing or tunes coming in every 16 bars. Rest Of Dilla is simply a smooth 60 minute roll out that compliments the music from the great producer that was J Dilla. Straight up butter………..

The Roots Dilla Joints

April 6, 2010


The Roots pay tribute to great J Dilla. Thanks ?uestlove for giving this stuff away for free .. . .

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Jaylib vs J.Rocc

February 5, 2010


The friendly people at Stones Throw have now decided to give this mix away as a free download.  It was previously available on promo CD in 2003  and the Jaylib bit of the mix was on the fan club 45 for their LP. I am happy owner of the CD and I reckon you check this as its J.Rocc mixing up Dilla and Madlib beats…..

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Gilles Peterson - Madlib and J-Rocc Takeover

J.Rocc on 1Xtra   //   J.Rocc/Madlib on Radio 1 (from Stones Throw Site) // Full Radio Mix

Yessir, the J.Rocc & Madlib takeover that I have been waiting for finally went to air last night on Gilles Peterson’s BBC Radio 1 show. There isn’t a whole lot to say about it except check it out sooner rather than later. Also I suggest you make an additional 2 hours free so that you can digest the J.Rocc Benji B showdown too. Photos via Stones Throw and more info over at the BBC. What a treat !!! Read the rest of this entry »

She is not putting on her house shoes

(Verse 1 from 5)

Upon 1st glance a few months ago I thought this was another James Brown RIP mix, I wasn’t overly interested in hearing the funky drummer being juggled for the zillionth time so I passed on it. Then last week I saw some comments by some respected DJ’s/MC’s so I thought I would go back and actually give the snippets a listen. To my suprise the mix was actually f**King brilliant and influenced by another James, who also happens to be a king.

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RIP Jay Dee

I had my pre-order on this one for some time and the 1 month delay over here in Europe seemed like an eternity. But it was well worth the wait…………….

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Turn it up


This evening the train home was delayed by an hour (pretty unusual for the Deutsche Bahn), but it wasn’t all that bad because I could enjoy over and over the Jay Dee interview that aired on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show on BBC Radio 1 back in 2001.  It makes you feel like your sitting round the camp fire with the late great Dilla on story telling duties.

Thanks goes to Madlib over at Rappcats for hosting (and whoever recorded this)