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October 5, 2011

Cream // CreamSplit

I have lost a little enthusiasm to write anything about the wax I have picked in the last weeks, so I think I will just fast forward and roll on.  

Cash ruins everything around me….. well not entirely true, but here is some new/free ish from Twit One and co over at AUDDA. Vielen dank!!

VA – Beat Power

June 24, 2011

This arrived the other day as an unexpected freebie in a recent order. It is an exclusive from my record supplier over in Köln – danke schöne. Compliled by Twit One, it comprises of 31 instrumental productions from 31 artist (predominantly from the German underground Hip Hop scene). The sounds are a throw back at that golden hip hop era with a 2011 twist. Beat Power will be out  22nd July on Augenringe unter dem dritten Auge Records.  This is definitely heavy, but I am sure your tough enough to grab a copy…..

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I finally made it over to Köln to visit one of my best mates and he had a nice little present for me waiting. These 2 limited edition bits are from the local beatmakers & were only available at Groove Attack Record Store. They have both long  sold out and are currently going for crazy loot on the bay / discogs. Reselling for 4x the price is criminal if you ask me…………… record sharks!!!  

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This is suppose to be an album but I would rather class it as an EP or beat tape as most of the tracks clock in at about 1 minute in length. It is very much on the same tip as his Hi-Hat Club release with that instrumental and smoked out / jazzy / boom bap sound. Twit One is highly regarded here in Germany amongst the underground Hip Hop scene, but still hasn’t received the shine he deserves worldwide. Steppingstones 10″ is out soon on MPM…. Goandgetitonfridaythe15th!!

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VA – Puzzles

June 17, 2010

Twit One has compiled this excellent 16 track MPC beat puzzle. Each track is by a different producer with the usual suspects from the MPM roster, plus a beat from his idol Kan Kick. Its mad limited with only 500 copies, has a  super nice cover shot by Robert Winter (the dude behind most of the photography for MPM) and it is simply the best slice of wax to come out of Köln in a while. No disrespect, but the last Hi Hat Club (Chop Shop) and the Suff Daddy LP weren’t of the usual high standard one comes to expect from MPM.

A brand spanking new 12″ from Miles Bonny that was recorded with Twit One whilst on tour in Europe in the middle of the year. The release has 3 songs plus the instrumentals on the B side. He covers a soul tune Dilla made famous by sampling, collabs with Fleur Earth on Breakfast and drops a late entry for neo-soul tune of the year with Lumberjack Soul. The Ins and Miles need to do an LP together in 2010.

MPM Beat BBQ Mixes

July 29, 2009

flako diggin

HulkHodnMix //  TwitUnoMix //  FlakoMix //  Suff DaddyMix // Fella VaughnMix

Up My Alley & the MPM crew are grilling some wurst, downing plenty of Kölsch and dropping some beats this Saturday arvo over in Köln (All info over at Hi-Hat Club). Unfortunately I can’t make it down there as I am busy this weekend, but I have already tasted the delicious Beat BBQ promo mixes from the NRW’s underground loop diggers……..and you should too…..

Whilst I am on the local mix topic, I thought I’d give my mans Fella Vaughn some love as he made his internet mix debut…woohooo FV …whens Volume 2 due!!??

Front cover... big up Frankmeister for the scan

Cologne’s finest loopdigga’s Twit One & Hulk Hodn kick off proceedings in the new Hi-Hat Club series on the quality controlled & diverse local imprint known as MPM.

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