As the story goes…

Back in 1994 K-Def was working on some beats out of the B Room in Marley Marl’s House Of Hits when LL Cool J walked in on his session and said “let’s make some tracks together”. Uncle L had always wanted to rhyme on a track using the famous ESG breakbeat ‘UFO’, so he had Def lay it down with some scratches and then went to town with the mic. Both thought they had a sure fire hit on their hands but unfortunately it was never used.

The DAT tape of the studio session was feared lost for several years before it eventually turned up stuck behind a radiator! Now, 17 years later, K-Def and Slice-of-Spice are proud to present ‘Year Of The Hip Hop’ in all its vinyl glory.

The recording has been restored/touched up by K-Def in 2011. Joe Buck has done a fine job with the artwork and Slice Of Spice have cut no corners with the bright orange pressing, gold numbering and overall mind blowing end product. What suprises me most is how such a dope track can go missing….

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K-Def – Night Shift

January 13, 2012

It’s great to hear some hip hop producers from the 90’s that still have some petrol left in their creative tank. K-Def dropped a few classics,  but I really think now is the time he is shining, the Night Flight album is a perfect example. The LP conists of 8 track of which 6 are instrumental, they are not dull tracks made for an MC to toast, but more wholesome musical adventures. The standout track for me is the collab with InI’s MC – Rob O,  a remake of Pete Rock & CL’s Escape. The album is available digitally/cd/vinyl on Redefinition. As I mentioned before this is one of the finest Hip Hop releases from 2011.

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K-Def & Damu on Redef

August 10, 2011

Redefinition Recordings is one of the very few Hip Hop labels you need to keep your eyes on in 2011. Part label owner Damu has kicked off his indie 700 series which will sporadically release remixes, collabs or whatever he feels like on 7″. The 1st slice in this series are the instrumentals of his DWG release. I wasn’t huge on the vocal versions when they dropped, but Truly Get Yours has grown on me over the last months and I am now kicking myself for not picking up the Ice coloured version on vinyl. I have become extremely fond of Damu’s productions since I picked up How It Should Sound about 18 months ago and will continue to purchase whatever he puts out on wax. My point being that if your reading this you need a copy!!

The other 7″ that arrived from Redef was by K-Def. When I think K-Def i think Real Live shit. He has been around since the mid 90’s and worked often alongside the legendary Marley Marl. The brick city producer has provided 3 instrumental cuts on this release. He has even done a little retake of a Pete Rock’s classic calling it For Def’ Sake. My pick though is Times Change, a 3 minute trip using dreamy soul, jazz, funk, rocky samples.

The 2 babies are out now on limited coloured vinyl and from what I can gather almost sold out.

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