Finally the good Ozzy’s down at Votary Disk have reissued probably one of my favourite down tempo library tunes of all time exclusively on 45. Limited to 500 copies …………

T-Love drops a deep underground Hip Hop compilation with music from her movement known as the Picki People. The stateside born MC currently resides in Paris so she has hooked up with Dusty from the Jazz Libs, aCatCalledFRITZ, plus obtained other tracks from artists she has crossed paths with on her travels. I have been a fan of Taura since I picked up the Return Of The B-Girl EP back in the late 90’s and this one is musically as strong………. Finally some dope indie Hip Hop!!!

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I have passed up on the last few Jazzy Sport releases but this one is simply irresistible. Budamunky is still shining the dilla torch once again on volume 2 of his Mokstrumental series. Krunchy & chopped up instrumental mpc beats to keep the trees burning & heads bouncing.

Happy Birthday 8th Birthday to The Get Back in Las Vegas !!! The yearly promo mix has landed and let me tell you that round 7 it is an extremely good one. The CD consists of  the usual10-15 minute  mixes from each DJ, recorded live at the  GB over the last year, it’s arranged and packaged so you get the whole mix tape feeling with the live vibe to boot. Residents John Doe & Phoreyz mixes are tight as always. Guests on this one are DJ Day, King Most, Nu Mark from J5 and the soul brother DJ Haircut aka Mayer Hawthorne.

Eric Lau – Makin’ Sound

November 10, 2010

Eric Lau has pulled out 20 unreleased cuts from his vaults and decided to present them as a long player. You can simply pop it on at the start of side A, turn it over when its finished and play the entire b side whilst cooling out in your crib. Nothing ground breaking here,  just simply smooth soulful instrumental hip hop beats. Limited to 500 copies & out now on Kilawatt……..

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The last post prompted me to pull out a few old bootleg  freestyle bits that I have on wax (tape kingz) from the 90’s. One I always loved was the Biggie Mister Cee freestyle, in my opinion Biggie at his prime. The music in intro always grabbed me as its simply sweet with the flute, vibraphone, light percussion and heavenly strings. Thanks to a little bit of research on the www I was able to find out the original and bag it on the bay for €1 plus postage. Isaac was pretty amazing and to think he was never musically trained…….