More boom bap, jazzed up & experimental hip-hop instrumentals straight of of Köln courtesy of Hulk Hodn and Hubert Daviz. These cats always come through. You don’t have to sport some 3 Stripe Lederhosen to get into this. Cop it via ENTBS……

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Until recently, I never knew there was a 7″/45 of this…god bless the bay as I found what seems to be a stone cold mint copy from 1970. This is possibly one of my all time favourite soul tunes & I even played this at my wedding. A thick Axelrod production with absolutely sweeeeeet vocals from Lou Rawls. A classic in my books. Love!!

Freddy Fresh put these books together a few years ago & they are basically a comprehensive guide for any beat digger who needs some assistance with sample sources. I used to rely on sites like Encyclopedia Breakanica, The Breaks or just mix tapes from my favorite DJs for education but now I have these!!! The Re:Sampling Dictionary is ordered by the original artists that were sampled (eg. James Brown) & the Sampling Dictionary is by the actual artist that sampled someone else (eg. The Pharcyde). These books are pretty mind blowing and although they don’t have everything, I will definitely be packing them when I hit any record fairs or 2nd hand stores in the future. There are only a small amount remaining that Freddy brought back with him from a recent trip to Japan, so hit him up ASAP to secure a copy …

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There isn’t much info to be to found on New Jersey’s Down n Dirty Tribe except they put out this and another 12″ in the mid 90’s. I am generally not a big collector of this 90’s indie Hip Hop as its generally extremely expensive, though this one takes me we back to the hazey days when I feel in love with the music. The local Hip Hop radio show used to spin this one and until recently the hook came back into my head (I never knew the track or group name) . The joys of the internet made it relatively easy to track down and a friendly seller down in Vienna hooked me up with a NM copy. Inna Cipher is the joint…..


De La Soul – Fallin’

October 14, 2011

This track appeared on the Judgement Night OST. The soundtrack itself contained  hip hop / rock collaborations which were below average, just like the movie itself. From the 2 or 3  that did work (Del, Cypress Hill) is the De La Soul  & Teenage Fanclub joint called Fallin’. This one has some deep raps and an overall folky/sitting around the camp fire vibe. Unfortunately it only saw an outing on promo vinyl and after blasting it on my walkman so many times since 93, I recently found a cheap copy on the american bay  . .

AUDDA presents C.R.E.A.M.

October 5, 2011

Cream // CreamSplit

I have lost a little enthusiasm to write anything about the wax I have picked in the last weeks, so I think I will just fast forward and roll on.  

Cash ruins everything around me….. well not entirely true, but here is some new/free ish from Twit One and co over at AUDDA. Vielen dank!!