Ruhrpott AG rapper Aphroe teams up with the local DMC / ITF champ and now beatmaker Rafik. A heavy rocky guitar riff over some bongo breaks, tight delivery on the mic, sharp cuts on the bridge make this one funkin explosive.  I never thought I would say it but I am starting to like Deutsche Hip Hop a lot. ….and I haven’t even checked the flip yet which features guests Frank n Dank plus Elzhi over a JR & PH7 beat. MPM is delivering …………..

Across the globe 7"

Across the globe and back by J.R. & PH7  has been on heavy the rotation the last few weeks. These 2 producers (who are completely new to me) have teamed up with rapper Caucasian, to make this international sun drenched golden era sounding hip hop delight. Yes hip hop is alive and well,  but I must admit you gotta dig a littler deeper to find anything special. Make sure you cop this 7″ ………..