Wordup to Stilts over at DWG for sorting me a copy of this. I have been after this some time and it finally landed this morning in the post. Frenchy Dela did these remixes a good 3 or 4 years ago for the Japanese label Subcontact. I reckon the stakes is high remix is almost better than the original. Limited, rare and dope.

Robert Glasper Beat Tape

March 19, 2010


Dela drops a free beat tape/unofficial remix album of some of jazz pianist Robert Glasper’s music. Sparkling goodness!!

Dela from the ground up. . .


Before I get back into more vinyl/cd  recommendations/reviews, I thought I’d mention this one as I saw the little advert in the newest edition of Wax Poetics. Dela drops a short but sweet podcast for KingUnderground.com with music from Q-Tip, Large Pro, Blackstar, Common & SV amongst others….

Jazz Libz & Fat Lip from the Pharcyde

The already 6 year old vinyl discography is no coincedence for the paris based musicians/producers, Jazz Liberatorz. If your new to the name just imagine soul & jazz-tainted hip-hop.

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The EP

French beatmaker Dela drops a smooth 12″ vinyl sampler from his recent CD Changes of Atmosphere. I picked up the vinyl purely as the 5 instrumental versions are butter. But if your into spitting then Talib Kweli, Large Pro, Blu & J-Live toast the productions with the consciousness.

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