This 10″ dropped later last year and I must admin wasn’t overly into it upon the 1st listen. Then suddenly a few ago on one of them grey winters days, I decided to give it another listen and completely feel in love with it. James Blake’s cover of Feist’s Limit To You Love would probably be more appealing without the wobbly bassline, but somehow it works as it is unsettling & packed with emotion. Apparently he has an album ready to drop in a few weeks, so I will keep my ears out, but I ain’t gonna get my hopes up. Producer and singer at the tender age of 22……. this one is beautiful, futuristic, minimal, London soul!!!

GP Presents: Worldwide

December 20, 2010

BBE have a 50% off sale on at the moment, so I took advantage by bagging this compilation of modern day classics. Spacey soul, funk & hip hop joints that have been hand picked and heavily rotated on GP’s Worldwide show.


I absolutely loved his 1st two singles as a solo artist, but Mayer Hawthorne‘s debut album failed to follow through. Not that the album was unlistenable, I just found it was a bit boring, predictable and nothing I needed in my collection. Mind you, most of this new soul & funk stuff coming out these days is just to clean that it sounds cheesey – I guess it can be put down to recording techniques and technology used to produce music.

So now the hype is now over and Mayer has sung his heart out with an Otis Leavill cover over a drum heavy & soulful production from hip hop heavyweight Nottz. This is a single side pressing with a sweet etching by Freegums on the flip. It’s supposedly limited (well we will see as STH seem to pull this ltd stunt often eg. mayers love heart 7″, doom etc) and comes in a a plastic cover…… Big Tune Alert.

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Finally Electric Wire Hustle‘s follow up to the successful Perception 12″ (EP 001). EP 002 showcases 4 of the stronger tracks that are included on their forthcoming album Every Waking Hour, that is due out on the great BBE sometime this summer. There are appearances on this 12″ from Declaine and Georgia Ann Muldrow plus the usual neo soul goodness one has come to expect from the New Zealand posse. For fans of Marvin or Dilla………


José is back with his 2nd full length album which I have played a good 50x since it dropped a  month ago. Whether its better than his 1st album – I will leave that for you to decide, but it is without a doubt the best CD so far in 2010. Blackmagic is an album all about love, with Taylor McFerrin having produced the jazzier numbers, and beatmakers Moodyman, Mitsu and Flying Lotus in charge of the more neo soul/ hip hop flavoured tracks. José  James’s baritone voice is a breath of fresh air and lyrics packed with sincerity. This is another quality Brownswood GP backed project. Make sure you catch The José James Quartet live on tour in Europe this month and also cop the white 12″/ Ep which dropped last week……….Yes they are all essential.

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Mos& BenjiB1x17012010

Benji B drops some of Mos Def’s finest musical moments plus has some interesting talks with the man about the making of The Ecstatic, Brooklyn, the legendary DJ J Rocc, Blackstarr doing some singles, Dilla’s legacy and even playing the timpani. The last hour of the 3 hour session is filled with Mos Def’s selection. Big up to Kareem over at  nobodydancenomore for recording this show. A big download at 250mb but it’s raw and enlightening.

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Melting Pot Records ain’t messing about on the release tip, coming with it each and every single. This time round is the young duo, producer Full Crate and singer Mar out of Amsterdam. There is some super sexxy neo soul, late night vibes going on this 12″, with guest Eric Roberson even laying down some vocals on She Was Fly (my favourite cut on the release is actually the version without him).  Warm, deep and e s  sensual ……..

They are scheduled to do a Hi-Hat Club release so we have that to look forward too!!

A brand spanking new 12″ from Miles Bonny that was recorded with Twit One whilst on tour in Europe in the middle of the year. The release has 3 songs plus the instrumentals on the B side. He covers a soul tune Dilla made famous by sampling, collabs with Fleur Earth on Breakfast and drops a late entry for neo-soul tune of the year with Lumberjack Soul. The Ins and Miles need to do an LP together in 2010.

More Mitsu . . .

October 13, 2009

JSV-073 & JSV-074

Mitsu The Beats is back with 2 new little slabs of wax. One 7″ is the 2nd sampler from his 2nd album which has lush rhodes, electric piano and the soulful vocals of Ivana Shantilli from Canada. The other 45 contains a remix of the cover version The Louis Gee Ensemble did of Rene Costy’s libraray tune Scrabble. 2 nice……..

dj day x miles bonny mpm 80

StillMiles // CanYouFeelMe

DJ Day drops the beats and Miles Bonny sings over them paying tribute to a couple cuts off Raphael Saadiq’s debut solo LP Instant Saadiq. The results are nothing short of brilliant on this Melting Pot Music‘s 80th release……