Jazz Liberatorz – Fruit of the past

May 28, 2009

Jazz Libz & Fat Lip from the Pharcyde

The already 6 year old vinyl discography is no coincedence for the paris based musicians/producers, Jazz Liberatorz. If your new to the name just imagine soul & jazz-tainted hip-hop.

Fruits of the past CD

A good friend of mine got me hooked on these cats a few years back. I managed to hunt down most of the vinyl releases before they went out of press and I was very happy when they dropped their 1st LP Clin D’Qeil last year. The CD contains the finest monents from their back catalogue plus a few new joints thrown in for good measure. There is a fair split of instrumental joints versus vocal tracks and it includes MC’s like Mos Def, Aloe Blacc, T.Love, Fat Lip, Wildchild and even Declaime.

In my opinion this is better than their 1st album and a contender for the hip-hop (and instrumental hip hop) release of the year. It’s a pity they haven’t got the love they deserved, but I guess its harder for them being signed to a french house label.

2 Responses to “Jazz Liberatorz – Fruit of the past”

  1. Planet said

    Is there a vinyl release for this? I haven’t seen it yet.

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