Calibre – Even If…

December 21, 2010

Calibre’s 7th album Even If… has landed and it is worthy of ur hard earned €$¥£. Why you may ask? Simple because it’s Calibre. I am not going  to slate him this time round even though the album is not pushing any boundaries nor on par with his stuff from 5 or 10 years ago. But the fact of the matter is that Calibre still manages to pack his music with emotion & stick to his soulful roots (not following any current trends in D&B). His output is always appreciated & I know I would be complaining if he didnt put out another album or stopped making DnB full stop. Standout tracks are All You Want & Gone Away.

Also the initiative to be only able to purchase the cd & vinyl together is something which more DnB labels need to be doing.


A nice little 30 minute mix of unreleased Calibre beats by his Irish mate Zero T. Recorded a few months ago on his Footprints radio show. Bring on Shelflife Volume 3 please Mr Martin ……….

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CalibreS&B2010 //  IntalexS&B2010 // SPYS&B2010

Fresh recordings from the Soul:ution Session down at Sun & Bass in Sardinia a few days ago. Strictly vibes, new bits and a few classics brought to you by Intalex, S.P.Y. & Calibre plus toastings from an assortment of MC’s. Thanks to whoever recorded these sets.

ABC October 2009 Flyer

I am gonna be over on the island for a few days and will head into London on Friday evening. If your in the area and into deep DnB then you would be crazy to miss this one. All info over at

SIG015aa Calibre -  Love's to tight to mention
I think I am the only person amongst the deeper dnb fans who isn’t really feeling Calibre‘s music the last couple of years. I have been buying most his releases though I must admit the last few are sitting unplayed on my record shelves.  I um’d and ahh’d over this record but Love’s To Tight Too Mention is off the chain. His use of the orchestral chords, a tender DRS vocal, incredible mix down and a Second Sun LP era vibe make this side simply irisistable. The flip is nice, but the keys are identital to his cut Groove Me (mistical collab), the use of a piano is nothing really new or exciting for him and his singing sounds awful. Everyone reckons he can sing but if he sung acapella would you go and see him…. !!?? Maybe I am being harsh but I miss the pre-2005 Calibre magic.

CD & LP of Shelf Life 2

Life rolls onnnnnnnnnn……….

The saviour, inspiration and definitely the #1 producer in DnB drops his 2nd album of older/unreleased tracks from his Belfast vault.

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