VA – Black Rio 2

July 31, 2009

Black Rio 2


DJ Cliffy is back 7 years later to compile the 2nd volume of his brilliant Black Rio series (that uncovers music from the black movement in a country that was under a military dictatorship). I am pretty sure censorship laws would have been strict in Brazil during the 1970s, but it certainly didn’t stop many musicians from busting out like their US contemporaries, creating their own brew of funk/soul/samba. Due to the rarity of the music, Strut/K7 have even noted on the sleave that some of the tracks are not licensed and to contact them if you have any information about the artists. Grande compilação!!

Waajeed – Series One

July 31, 2009


Waajeed Series One  JSV-069

Detroit producer Waajeed drops a bomb on Jazzy Sport. On the A side is an electronic but extra funky sounding cover of Tom Browne’s classic Funkin’ For Jamaica  (an exclusive taken from the Waajeed mix Re-Edits, Re-Flex & Re Mixes). The flip has a remake of Jay Dee’s Rico Suave Bossa Nova which is entitled Jeedo Suave Ruff – this one goes into a more jazzier territory than the original; with live drums, piano & kids singing on the chorus. A simply dope 12″.

MPM Beat BBQ Mixes

July 29, 2009

flako diggin

HulkHodnMix //  TwitUnoMix //  FlakoMix //  Suff DaddyMix // Fella VaughnMix

Up My Alley & the MPM crew are grilling some wurst, downing plenty of Kölsch and dropping some beats this Saturday arvo over in Köln (All info over at Hi-Hat Club). Unfortunately I can’t make it down there as I am busy this weekend, but I have already tasted the delicious Beat BBQ promo mixes from the NRW’s underground loop diggers……..and you should too…..

Whilst I am on the local mix topic, I thought I’d give my mans Fella Vaughn some love as he made his internet mix debut…woohooo FV …whens Volume 2 due!!??


Peterson V Shadow

My apoligies for the lack of posts in the last week or so, but everyone needs time out every once in while. My princess and I have been down in Fuerteventura enjoying the sunshine.

I wiped my MP3 player b4 we left and then reloaded it full with randomness from my external HD (stuff that I haven’t heard in years). A beach favourite ended up being Shadow’s appearance on Worldwide way back in 2002. GP draws a few of his favs for the special occasion and the guest Shadow drops a deep selection that he especially hand picked before he ventured over the atlantic. Great music and interesting conversations with 2 legends in the game!!

monday jazz 95

A Tape Called Mondayjazz

A very cool jazzed out hip hop mix done recently by aCatCalledFritz for Mondayjazz. If you are in need of a jazzy podcast then pop by as they have almost 100 ready to go………

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Mo donut

Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer dropped their debut album Modonut a month or so ago. In true beat digger fashion the majority of it was done using an MPC, 1200’s & a few crates of dusty records. Most of the release is instrumental, but there are a handful of modern soul joints featuring Jessica Fitouss . It sounds just like a tripped out funky 70’s soundtrack and is highly entertaining from the beginning to the end. France is definitely delivering the aural goodness ……..

Sleeping with the MPC

Promo Album Mix on BBC 

Paul White drops his 1st long player/mix/beat tape entitled The Strange Dreams of…. With 21 experimental instrumental hip hop tracks in the space in 45 minutes you are in for a wild & wonderful psychadelic ride.This is easily one of the most creative sample based albums I have heard in ages. Mr White has used all kinds of sounds and cleverly weaved them together to prove he is a master of the beat making craft. The CD comes packaged inside a mini pillow case and its available via

Rollocast 010

July 5, 2009

Angela likes #10


In 90 days the German people will elect a new government. Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised to make some tax cuts. Regardless of who gets appointed I reckon the economy here is gonna crumble (just like everywhere else). Anyway, I wouldn’t worry about all that, just listen to volume 10 and free your mind!!!

Beauty and the beast

Upon 1st sight this 7″ looks like a story book 45 for kids or a recording from a Disney movie, but it thankfully isn’t. The Five Corners Quintet and Elizabeth Shepherd Trio have both done tidy covers that sound nothing like the original compositions, but this is fine with me because I love jazz that is live and soulful. This sweet little picture disc was released in Japan back in 2008, so the chances you stumble over a copy are pretty slim.