Slice of Spice records in conjunction with Underboss Entertainment have pulled this mix out after recently raiding the Lord Finesse vaults. The funk soul brother has dropped an ecentric selection of breaks, samples and simply just good music. If your gonna buy a mix CD this year then I would recommend this …….

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twitterhiphopcc // softsellcc

I just returned from a little work related getaway this week in Luxemburg. I really like this city/country, but it’s not really somewhere you would put on your list of places to go on holidays. Unfortunately we were on a tight schedule so I didn’t have time to go diggin’ in the crates. We basically spent all our the time in workshops, at restaurants soaking up french red wine or chilling in the hotel bar downing caipi’s. As I am a conditioned father who wakes up early, I managed to hit the gym almost each day. These 2 Cut Chemist mixes were found on my iphone and were on constant rotation for the entire time when I was working out. Nuttin’ but bare classics that you know, love & ain’t heard in years!!!

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I didn’t pick this one up for the music, though La La is growing on me with that folky, psychodelic & Charles Stepney kinda vibe. But hey, what a lovely looking slice of wax. Thank goodness labels like Stones Throw go the distance to make their finished product special!!

I think this dropped in the form of a Stones Throw Podcast around the time Secondhand Sureshots was released. I saw this this other day & thought I’d bag the physical copy as you can’t go wrong with a funky president mix. It is by no means his best mix as there is some pretty random dollar bin cheese included but I think J.Rocc wanted to make the point that he can make anything he plays sound good. hmmmm I am not so sure, but it is an entertaining listen!!

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I am buying less DnB these days purely as I find that its either a) production wank made soley by producers for producers; b) far to rough and tough for an old fella like myself; c) half ass liquid that has been done 1000x b4; d) wobble or minimal bullshit that in my opinion is unlistenable unless your completely off your head.

I initially skipped the above release because the hyped up tune on the A side was what I’d consider as a). I do believe what Rockwell is doing is outstanding, ever since I picked up the Noir EP on Critcal, but sometimes I feel he does get a little lost in the technical side of things rather than making a tune you can dance or groove out to. As you can see what the title of this post reads, I bagged this slice for Everything (& U). This tune is ultra chilled, on the atmospheric tip (like something Omni Trio were doing back in the 90’s), packed with lush harp sounds, glitchy drums and a delightful male vocal. Also I really appreciate that Darkestral go the distance with their vinyl only releases, with the  plastic anti static inner sleaves, crisp artwork, limited/deluxe 180g pressings and in this case vinyl that plays from the inside of the wax to the outside – spun out!! This 12″ is something I will cherish my entire life.

A bit off topic …. A response that left me thinking the other eve is when I questioned a good mate why he has switched to digital. He basically concluded that some of the really small digital labels are putting out quality stuff that the bigger more established UK labels won’t go near (thus no vinyl release), that 99% of the stuff dropping on wax is not representing how good DnB is atm, or the big cats like Bukem/Fabio unofficially sign tunes and sit on them until they are forgotten then the frustrated producers have no option but to put them out digitally. If your a big DnB fan then you have no real choice but to invest in Serato, Traktor or a CDJ!!!


Thankfully the days are slowly getting longer, so I thought I’d kick start your week with this epic multi genre mix. This is up there with Coldcut’s 74 Minutes of Madness and one of the finest essential mixes ever. Big ups to the Pipomixes for posting this and of course The Psyconauts . Fresh from ’96!!

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Another one down…..

December 31, 2010

What a great year it has been, I have never felt so tired after 365 days, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way 🙂  There hasn’t been much time to just chillout for a whole day and listen to tunes, but music is not everything right ??!! 😉 It has been more about wacking a record on here and there and enjoying it at that particular moment.  I have attempted a follow up rollocast (#11) on 3 occasions but my mixer is totally f**ked and I need to lash out and upgrade, sorry about that. The whole DJing out thing hasn’t happened either, but tbh with you this is the 1st time where I have actually no burning desire.

I still can’t get over the amount of great releases in the past 12 months. The cool thing is that I have bagged a load of things I never expected, spent loads of time researching and discovering artists I never dreamt of, picked up a load of re-edits/rare reissues and some great 2nd hand bits from private sellers. Although the amount of records being produced has decreased and every 2nd release is a limited edition 500 copy pressing, I still think the whole vinyl thing is healthy enough.

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A few new Worldwide shows

October 20, 2010

GPShadow //    GPKonAmir

Yesterday I found time again to catchup on some Worldwide shows that I missed in the last few weeks. 2 killer sessions worthy of your time are the ones with DJ Shadow or Kon & Amir. The usual interesting chats and obscure selections you come to expect for these top of the game crate diggers. Highly entertaining ……

keep it movin’……..

September 3, 2010

A peep inside my sack!! All original 90’s hip hop gems in tip top condition that I picked up yesterday….

I have some new bits to review, so I’ll try do that on the weekend. In the meanwhile peep this… Finest Ego (free for the next 5 days courtesy of PMC).

Mr Thing – Champion Nerd

August 15, 2010


Record collecting nerd and perhaps the top UK Hip Hop DJ, Mr Thing, drops his newest mix. If I had the time to write how good it is, I would!! Trust me, it will keep your attention from beginning to end. It grabbed me by the balls like an On Track, King Of Diggin’ or Tasters Choice mix…..Thanks Lordy from the RG14 for the tip.