Just when you thought the Roses series was over, DJ Mitsu returns with his next installment. Midnight Roses keeps that rhodes heavy vibe alive and as the title suggests this one is all about the late night sessions. The mix starts off great, but includes a few vocal tracks & boogie joints that dont really fit with the mellow instrumental selection. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy this mix loads, but I was expecting a little bit more as the other 3 mixes in the series blew my hair back. Make sure you grab a copy from a retailer in Japan.

I finally made it over to Köln to visit one of my best mates and he had a nice little present for me waiting. These 2 limited edition bits are from the local beatmakers & were only available at Groove Attack Record Store. They have both long  sold out and are currently going for crazy loot on the bay / discogs. Reselling for 4x the price is criminal if you ask me…………… record sharks!!!  

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José James has been busy touring, but apparently a new album is due very soon. In the meanwhile, make sure take 120 seconds or longer & enjoy the free DL from a live show late last year.

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I was taking a rest from buying records (as i wanted to save $ to move to the UK) when this dropped and its only taken me 8 years to finally track down a reasonably priced NM copy. As far as a Jay Dee’s remix work went, I believe this was one of his finest moments. Classic.

I didn’t pick this one up for the music, though La La is growing on me with that folky, psychodelic & Charles Stepney kinda vibe. But hey, what a lovely looking slice of wax. Thank goodness labels like Stones Throw go the distance to make their finished product special!!

Ruhrpott AG rapper Aphroe teams up with the local DMC / ITF champ and now beatmaker Rafik. A heavy rocky guitar riff over some bongo breaks, tight delivery on the mic, sharp cuts on the bridge make this one funkin explosive.  I never thought I would say it but I am starting to like Deutsche Hip Hop a lot. ….and I haven’t even checked the flip yet which features guests Frank n Dank plus Elzhi over a JR & PH7 beat. MPM is delivering …………..