VA – Puzzles

June 17, 2010

Twit One has compiled this excellent 16 track MPC beat puzzle. Each track is by a different producer with the usual suspects from the MPM roster, plus a beat from his idol Kan Kick. Its mad limited with only 500 copies, has a  super nice cover shot by Robert Winter (the dude behind most of the photography for MPM) and it is simply the best slice of wax to come out of Köln in a while. No disrespect, but the last Hi Hat Club (Chop Shop) and the Suff Daddy LP weren’t of the usual high standard one comes to expect from MPM.


Beatmakingsingingdj Ahu did this mix in 2007 of all Paul White material, yessir it contains loads of his earlier works. Keep your eyes out for Paul’s LP due on Now Again and for more Ahu adventures.

Bibio – Fire Ant

September 16, 2009

Bibio - Fire Ant

I peeped Bibio‘s album on Warp a few months back and was contempt with bagging the 7″ sampler. The tune on the B side called Fire Ant is the one. I love how he flipped the Commodores sample & blended it with a whole heap of other quirky sounds, then laced it with some perfectly chopped up the beats. A brilliant tune on the post Dilla tip that you need in your life.