These 2 hit it off after Neve played keys at José James’ show recently in Brussels.  Neve booked a studio the day after and they just pressed the record button – no dubs, producer or mulitple takes….just vibes!!

“We just played the songs we love the way we felt them, with no constraints. Playing as a duo is very pure and honest; it’s just you, the piano and silence.”

I have only heard the clips but can’t wait until it drops. It will be out in Europe on 1st June on the legendary Impluse Records.

Buddy Sativa has gotten a big bad together and layed down an easy going but swingin’ take on Roy Ayres’ classic Mystic Voyage. The flip he has teamed up with beathead Onra who has controlled the drums & samples whilst Buddy played the keys. 2 Fine brazilian jazz cuts out now on Favorite Recordings…..