Simon S aka Jazz Chronicles has dropped a couple more unofficial remixes. This time round he has paid tribute to the late and great Guru. DWYCK received a vibrant boogie rerub and Just To Get A Rep is deeper than ever with some tight jazzy drums and melancholic keys.

Simon S rolls out more unofficial  re-edits, re-works, remixes or whatever you want to call them. Classics baked a touch longer without being burnt. Defo a 12″ that will set the party off!!!

Music & total creation have always been my motivation. It has been my saviour & my guide. To it I owe my high and my pain. The movement of sound and colors through my mind has reached my fingers. They move with love & desire equal to that of a new born child’s passion for Nature & Growth. I hold the faith that Art & Passion shall overcome all.  –  John Klemmer. 1976.

Soulclap is back after the long hiatus. Simon S is still on the re-edit duties, this time taking on the wonderful Free Soul by saxophone player John Klemmer. He has basically left the main hooks from the original tune, beefed the drums up a touch and sprinkled a couple of vocal samples to give it that golden era feel. The flip has some Ed OG acapella laced nicely over a big David Axelrod sample. Word on the street is that only 500 copies were pressed, so I am thinking I might pick up another copy this week before they are all gone…..