A couple cheeky edits that have surfaced on 7″, with only 300 copies being pressed. Lets hope a few other bits from the mix surface too…


Jazzy Sport’s re-edit label Black Cow are now upto there 5th release. The 1st few in the series were on the disco/boogie tip, so I didn’t pick them up. Though the last 2 (bc-004 & bc-005) are definitely up my alley. My pick of the bunch is Smiling Kungfushi. The original track name has escaped my mind but I guarantee if your a regular on here you will be into it………….

Onur Engin has taken the re-edit world by storm the last 6 months, releasing a handful of slices on various labels. Up next on his schedule is a 12″ on the naughty little GAMM label from Sweden. The a side he has touched up the Freddie Hubbard’s classic Sunflower and on the flip he has taken on some ultra rare boogie joint that you ain’t ever gonna stumble over 2nd hand. Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention his flexin’ edit of Bill Summers’ Come Into My Life that was released last month, so make sure you bag that too…

A few new Worldwide shows

October 20, 2010

GPShadow //    GPKonAmir

Yesterday I found time again to catchup on some Worldwide shows that I missed in the last few weeks. 2 killer sessions worthy of your time are the ones with DJ Shadow or Kon & Amir. The usual interesting chats and obscure selections you come to expect for these top of the game crate diggers. Highly entertaining ……

Simon S rolls out more unofficial  re-edits, re-works, remixes or whatever you want to call them. Classics baked a touch longer without being burnt. Defo a 12″ that will set the party off!!!

Onur Engin Edits

July 9, 2010

Turkish producer Onur Egin has just released this wonderful re-edit 12″.  He has reworked latin pianist João Donato, Gene Harris’ take on a Stevie Wonder track, a disco version of Be Thankful for What You’ve Got and Diana Ross’  Brown Baby. All 4 tracks are done  proper, making this the best re-edit record I have heard so far in 2010…. an essential bit of wax!!

Music & total creation have always been my motivation. It has been my saviour & my guide. To it I owe my high and my pain. The movement of sound and colors through my mind has reached my fingers. They move with love & desire equal to that of a new born child’s passion for Nature & Growth. I hold the faith that Art & Passion shall overcome all.  –  John Klemmer. 1976.

Soulclap is back after the long hiatus. Simon S is still on the re-edit duties, this time taking on the wonderful Free Soul by saxophone player John Klemmer. He has basically left the main hooks from the original tune, beefed the drums up a touch and sprinkled a couple of vocal samples to give it that golden era feel. The flip has some Ed OG acapella laced nicely over a big David Axelrod sample. Word on the street is that only 500 copies were pressed, so I am thinking I might pick up another copy this week before they are all gone…..


“Trust in us, and thus you trust in your life. Lucien, Lucien, Lucien, Lucien. You should know! ” ….  Killer Funk are back with their 8th cheeky release with a brass heavy re-edit of Billy Brooks’ Forty Days – essential.

Killer Funk 007

August 28, 2009

If its not dinked..its not Killer Funk!!

The Killer Funk label has been dropping all kinds of unofficial 7″ re-edits in 2009 and who is complaining? Number 007 is one of my favourite boogaloo joints by Roberto Roena called Que Se Sepa. It sounds just like the original and is a perfect way to spend a 5er. Se sepa se sepa se sepa…..

monday jazz 95

A Tape Called Mondayjazz

A very cool jazzed out hip hop mix done recently by aCatCalledFritz for Mondayjazz. If you are in need of a jazzy podcast then pop by www.mondayjazz.com as they have almost 100 ready to go………

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