Eric Lau – Quadrivium

March 9, 2011

As I mentioned a few posts ago the next installment from Eric Lau is upon us. This one is on a similar vain to the Makin’ Sound release with a heap of chilled out instrumental tracks. Quadrivium represents the real hip hop, paying homeage to them Dilla beats. This won’t break your neck but your head will nod for sure…Eaaaasy.


Andrew Meza’s BTS radio show is back on the air and Eric Lau took control by laying down a special guest mix that coincides with his tour of Japan and South Korea. Make sure you get your pre-order on for his latest instrumental offering Quadrivium that drops 2mrw on Killawatt.

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Eric Lau – Makin’ Sound

November 10, 2010

Eric Lau has pulled out 20 unreleased cuts from his vaults and decided to present them as a long player. You can simply pop it on at the start of side A, turn it over when its finished and play the entire b side whilst cooling out in your crib. Nothing ground breaking here,  just simply smooth soulful instrumental hip hop beats. Limited to 500 copies & out now on Kilawatt……..

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