Old Spices

January 24, 2014

Real Live instrumentals

real live keep on

marco polo

lord finesse still funky

format 5inch

real live lost beats


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Fremantle Skatepark Youth Plaza 12I managed to head town to Freo last week when I was in town visiting my family. The foundations are laid and it is looking pretty f**king fresh if you ask me. Apparently it will be opened in a few months time for the local skaters to enjoy. Props to all the people behind making this happen!!

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Finishing off the year.

December 19, 2013

beatvadda bonus entbs Beatvadda LP bonus Damu 45 Brous One Instrumentals Comic & a 45 Damu Spareovertime Damu Spur Momento Foka BA 7inch Foremost Jorun PMC Junk Drawer Masta Ace Shelf Life 2 Odd Goons Inok BA 7inch Poetic Souls Tribute Juan Twit One 2xLP Wie ein Kreis Crook LP

November goodness

November 6, 2013

Check the Method Finesse F Em Finesse Front Lord Finesse Hands in Air Praise The Lord Remix Set It Off Troop front

tom Dice 7inch 001 Tom Dice 7inch Torky Tork LP


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Herbst ist da!!

October 10, 2013

Accadde A..... BDP Sex Violence Dirty Hairy Anteek Recipes Doppelgangaz Beats for Brothels 1 Doppelgangaz bonus slice Doppelgangaz Lone Sharks Raised by Seuss slowy bonus 7inch slowy instrumentals

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When it’s raining it pours

September 9, 2013

Article Instrumentals DACAPO Article EP Epidemic Somethin for than listeners Genius PD K-Def The Meeting Klaus Layer Redef Lord Finesse Muro Spade JP Lord Finesse Prequel 2xLP Lord Finesse Prequel Instrumentals LP Lord Finesse Seven Inch PMC Chris Read Soundsci LP Ubquity Twit 1 seven inch

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Temperature is rising

August 1, 2013

Quantic Tear Drop1999 Joey Bada$$ vinyl booty Calibre aka Dominick Martin - Valentia LP DJ Day the day before deluxe Hackney Colliery Band - Inner City Life redef enjoy tonight scienze cover Soundsci UBB Read the rest of this entry »

Jettin’ into July

July 8, 2013

Fat Jon - Repaint Tomorrow LP Digable Planets blowout comb reissue

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More goodies…

July 4, 2013

dwg samplerretrogott y brous one Hannibal King Lex Full Circle

Somepling life per day

Somepling 7inch

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Jüchen Skate Park

July 2, 2013

Skateboarding Jüchen

Late last Sunday afternoon I had some free time, so hit up the Jüchen skateranlage/skatepark. This was my 2nd visit there in a few months. It’s got plenty to offer: a few ledges,  manual pad, a smallish rail, 3 stair and a couple of banks. There is loads of space to roll around and practise your flat ground. The only downfall of this place is the ground trashes your deck (it’s smooth asphalt) and all the wack graffiti.  

Out of all the pre-made skateparks nearby this is definitely worth skating and is great fun. You can find it next to the school’s carpark, Stadion Straße 77 in Jüchen.

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