Two french beatmakers named Maodea & Mr Hone have teamed up to drop a special beat tape for Christmas. If you liked Hone’s De La 7″ or his beats on the Wizard Performances EP’s then your gonna be feeling this ………… Seasons Greetings ! ! !

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Eveson – Gram Podcast #6

December 24, 2009


Eveson is one of the few producers bringing any warmth into DnB at the mo’. His music is similar to what Calibre was doing in 2002 with the soul / jazz / funk samples. Make sure you check this podcast/mix he recently recorded for the agency where you can book him to DJ….a varied rollout touching all corners of the DNB spectrum concluding with a few slower beats.  Booooh…

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DangerReefClip  // DarkWorldClip

Sven Libaek is a name I came across about 10 years ago as his magnificent composition Misty Canyon appeared on a random bootleg comp I purchased. Recently I did a little research and to my suprise the Norwegian moved to Australia in the 60s and was so inspired by the land that he made several LP’s. He also recorded alot of music for film and televsion that I probably listened to subconsciously as a child.

After searching high and low, plus seeing the high prices for some of his LPs, I stumbled over Votary Disk. The label is dedicated to Australian Jazz from the past and they reissue small numbers of the holy grail slices including some of Sven’s better works. No shady bootlegs but proper pressings from the original tapes!!

Having unfortunately missed the very limited repress of Sven Libaek’s Inner Space Soundtrack, I managed to grab one of these 7″s on ebay which creates the perfect underwater scene with some very gentle percussion, sweet vibes and groovy flute lines. This is a highly recommended 7″ with only 200 copies made……

GodlyGrooves   // PromoVideo

 On this 4th advent Sunday, DJ Scientist & DJ Arok have deciced to give it away their wonderful Godly Grooves mix as a free download. These 2 German crate diggers have put togther an eclectic & eccentric mix of 1970’s Christian music from Deutschland which is on a similar tip to DJ Format & Mr Things’s Holy Shit. I reckon Jesus is looking down from up above, nodding his head to the beats and singing “Haaa Leee Luuu Jaaa”…..

A brand spanking new 12″ from Miles Bonny that was recorded with Twit One whilst on tour in Europe in the middle of the year. The release has 3 songs plus the instrumentals on the B side. He covers a soul tune Dilla made famous by sampling, collabs with Fleur Earth on Breakfast and drops a late entry for neo-soul tune of the year with Lumberjack Soul. The Ins and Miles need to do an LP together in 2010.


Instra:mental were the highlights of DnB in 2009. They dared to be different and have created their own Autonomic movement. Make sure you check out what they had to say on RBMA’s Fireside Chat.

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I really don’t see the point in either of these products,  as the Sennheiser HD-25s were just fine minus the 3 blue stripes and these Blue Note Superstar 2’s are simply ugly. Adidas need to get back to re-releasing new colours of the Italia 1960’s and stop worrying about cross marketing.

Marc Hype Mix   //    Chris Read Mix

An early christmas present has arrived from Marc Hype &  Chris Read.  I am definitely gonna have these two on heavy rotation alongside The Ramsey Lewis Trio’s sensational More Sounds Of Christmas LP.  Seasons greetings to the good people at www.musicofsubstance.com

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Bal – The Out There EP

December 11, 2009


The Hungarians 2nd outing on Aaron Jay’s Influence Records is the splendid Out There EPBal is one of these cats that started out DJ’ing and the decided to dable in production a few years later with positive results. You can’t help but notice that alot of his inspiration comes from the  classic 90s bristol and headz sounds, with each of the 4 tracks on the ep being  great in their own right.  Bal is no ground breaking producer but he has succeeded in laying down some groovey dnb with enough depth to move the floor or just roll out at home. Perfect riddems for any mature DnB lover…


Steinski is the man behind the legendary 80’s hip-hop sample-based collages known as the “Lessons”. He recently recorded a wicked little podcast for the peoples at Choicecuts. Its very similar to the classic Nothing To Fear mix but still well worth a listen.