I think this dropped in the form of a Stones Throw Podcast around the time Secondhand Sureshots was released. I saw this this other day & thought I’d bag the physical copy as you can’t go wrong with a funky president mix. It is by no means his best mix as there is some pretty random dollar bin cheese included but I think J.Rocc wanted to make the point that he can make anything he plays sound good. hmmmm I am not so sure, but it is an entertaining listen!!

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Customs took my copy, so I had to go down to the Zollamt yesterday morning to reclaim it. A Japanese only release from the DJ  that needs no introduction on this blog. As the title suggests, there is a few joints most crate diggers will know, but he still manages to educate with style and finesse. A soulful, funky and jazzy selection with bits from Sylvia Striplin, 9th Creation, Jack Bruce, Johnny Watson thru to some bossa nova from Tenorio Jr and much much more…. This is easily the best mix CD I have heard in 2010.

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Jaylib vs J.Rocc

February 5, 2010


The friendly people at Stones Throw have now decided to give this mix away as a free download.  It was previously available on promo CD in 2003  and the Jaylib bit of the mix was on the fan club 45 for their LP. I am happy owner of the CD and I reckon you check this as its J.Rocc mixing up Dilla and Madlib beats…..

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J.Rocc @ Choice Cuts

December 2, 2009


I have been to busy of late to do  any record recommendations/reviews  but I thought you might wanna check this out. The Funky President in the mix a few weeks ago at Dublin’s Choice Cuts night. Thanks to the good people over in Ireland for recording this….

J-Rocc v J-Man

November 22, 2009


I think I would be one of the few people that still buy mix CD’s and thats because J.Rocc is still putting them out 😉 This time round he has done a special label mix for the London based reissue champions Jazzman Records.  One word …. D O P E

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J.Rocc - Tasters Choice Disc 1

J.Rocc has decided to reissue his super Tasters Choice mix cd series. It was originally only available on CDR at his shows or record stores he decided to hand a few copies ,which ment it was pretty much impossible to get your hands on a copy. Volume 1 is a straight up brazilian mix  that goes through some bossa, samba and boogaloo bits.  I have the originals of 2,3 and 5 – so I won’t be reviewing these but make sure you cop the reissues if you don’t have these already (though I am tempted to grab them again as the packing is 10x nicer). Volume 4 doesnt exist but J Rocc said over at his stoneyjacksonblog that he started it and you can dl the results.  Volume 5 is my pick of the bunch with Volume 1 coming in a close 2nd. As I have said before – J.Rocc is the best DJ.

Gilles Peterson - Madlib and J-Rocc Takeover

J.Rocc on 1Xtra   //   J.Rocc/Madlib on Radio 1 (from Stones Throw Site) // Full Radio Mix

Yessir, the J.Rocc & Madlib takeover that I have been waiting for finally went to air last night on Gilles Peterson’s BBC Radio 1 show. There isn’t a whole lot to say about it except check it out sooner rather than later. Also I suggest you make an additional 2 hours free so that you can digest the J.Rocc Benji B showdown too. Photos via Stones Throw and more info over at the BBC. What a treat !!! Read the rest of this entry »

J Rocc & Adam 12 @ Afex

March 18, 2009

J Rocc & Adam 12

Afex 4 hour blend

I didn’t want to repost things from other blogs but the occasionally there are exceedingly good mixes that I reckon you need to check.. Also one of my favourite DJs has his own blog & is posting the highest quality sets on the regular .


So what you have here is a 4 hour live set with the funky president J Rocc & Adam 12.  They keep it moving with a classic selection smooth 90’s RnB,  golden era Hip Hop &  many other funky/soulful gems. This is the bizness…I bet the person with the white Pontiac didn’t move their car until these 2 finished up on the decks !!