A cool little electronic press kit/ promo video for Grooveriders highly underrated album. I still can’t understand how he went from playing the most deep / cutting edge DnB in the 90s to the mindless wobble today!?!?!

50c for this… the good things in life cost almost nothing ey!?!?! Half Hearted Monty Business takes me back, to the days when one of my mates took me down to Gravity for my 1st ever Jungle party where Dr S Gachet was playing.  This tune is the rough with the smooth……… Read the rest of this entry »

Unfortunately loads of the DnB records in my collection from around the millenium are worse for wear as I was playing out on the regular. I probably should have taken better care, but at the time it really didn’t matter. As I get older I have started to realise that I want to enjoy some of this music in 30 years time and alot of these records won’t ever be repressed,  so about 18 months ago I have started buying doubles of some of my favourites 😉

One 12″ that came my way yesterday that sits in my all time DnB top 10, is Sci-Clone’s Everywhere I Go remix. The tune rolls out nicely with some live but loose jazzy drums & uplifting/euphoric keys, the sub bass drops subtlely and Kiwi Nathan Haines blows his soulful sax out over the top (later after the breakdown he blows a few flute licks too). This is no club banger, but somehow it’s still got something infectious and special about it. It is a pity that Sci-Clone only put out a handful of releases around the year 2000 as their music was definitely magic. This is one of them tunes that raises the hairs on arms when I hear it & is perhaps one of the most beautiful moments in DnB. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh … TUNE

I am buying less DnB these days purely as I find that its either a) production wank made soley by producers for producers; b) far to rough and tough for an old fella like myself; c) half ass liquid that has been done 1000x b4; d) wobble or minimal bullshit that in my opinion is unlistenable unless your completely off your head.

I initially skipped the above release because the hyped up tune on the A side was what I’d consider as a). I do believe what Rockwell is doing is outstanding, ever since I picked up the Noir EP on Critcal, but sometimes I feel he does get a little lost in the technical side of things rather than making a tune you can dance or groove out to. As you can see what the title of this post reads, I bagged this slice for Everything (& U). This tune is ultra chilled, on the atmospheric tip (like something Omni Trio were doing back in the 90’s), packed with lush harp sounds, glitchy drums and a delightful male vocal. Also I really appreciate that Darkestral go the distance with their vinyl only releases, with the  plastic anti static inner sleaves, crisp artwork, limited/deluxe 180g pressings and in this case vinyl that plays from the inside of the wax to the outside – spun out!! This 12″ is something I will cherish my entire life.

A bit off topic …. A response that left me thinking the other eve is when I questioned a good mate why he has switched to digital. He basically concluded that some of the really small digital labels are putting out quality stuff that the bigger more established UK labels won’t go near (thus no vinyl release), that 99% of the stuff dropping on wax is not representing how good DnB is atm, or the big cats like Bukem/Fabio unofficially sign tunes and sit on them until they are forgotten then the frustrated producers have no option but to put them out digitally. If your a big DnB fan then you have no real choice but to invest in Serato, Traktor or a CDJ!!!


Photek has apparently made his return after being inspired by the current state of electronic music, but I will not voice my opinion on this topic and just remember him for pushing DnB to the next level in the 90’s. The now LA based producer was in London a few weeks ago and dropped by Benji B’s to chat about his music career over the last 19 years. This is highly recommended if you want an insight into the man who made the sharpest beats you are ever going to hear. Some wise words & breakbeat science inside!!


Thankfully the days are slowly getting longer, so I thought I’d kick start your week with this epic multi genre mix. This is up there with Coldcut’s 74 Minutes of Madness and one of the finest essential mixes ever. Big ups to the Pipomixes for posting this and of course The Psyconauts . Fresh from ’96!!

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Lenzman – Take It Back

December 30, 2010

Take It Back is a low key soundtrack styled roller with an infectious vibraphone lick and some deep spoken word samples. A nice way to wrap up 2010 for Lenzman.

Random Movement Podcast #16

December 23, 2010


The monthly Random Movement podcast has reached the 16th edition. This one is probably the strongest so far with a swag of future classics and a nice flow right through. A lovely mix to chill out to over the festive season. Enjoy!

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Calibre – Even If…

December 21, 2010

Calibre’s 7th album Even If… has landed and it is worthy of ur hard earned €$¥£. Why you may ask? Simple because it’s Calibre. I am not going  to slate him this time round even though the album is not pushing any boundaries nor on par with his stuff from 5 or 10 years ago. But the fact of the matter is that Calibre still manages to pack his music with emotion & stick to his soulful roots (not following any current trends in D&B). His output is always appreciated & I know I would be complaining if he didnt put out another album or stopped making DnB full stop. Standout tracks are All You Want & Gone Away.

Also the initiative to be only able to purchase the cd & vinyl together is something which more DnB labels need to be doing.

Lynx & Malibu – Star

December 19, 2010

Lynx has been quiet in 2010, but Star is something that could have easily be mistaken for a track from Reprazent’s New Forms album. High quality, deep & funky D&B out now on Chemical Records new label, Blackout Music. Oh & finally another D&B label put some effort into their packaging (on the same tip as Exit Recordings).