T-Love drops a deep underground Hip Hop compilation with music from her movement known as the Picki People. The stateside born MC currently resides in Paris so she has hooked up with Dusty from the Jazz Libs, aCatCalledFRITZ, plus obtained other tracks from artists she has crossed paths with on her travels. I have been a fan of Taura since I picked up the Return Of The B-Girl EP back in the late 90’s and this one is musically as strong………. Finally some dope indie Hip Hop!!!

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monday jazz 95

A Tape Called Mondayjazz

A very cool jazzed out hip hop mix done recently by aCatCalledFritz for Mondayjazz. If you are in need of a jazzy podcast then pop by www.mondayjazz.com as they have almost 100 ready to go………

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Fritz the Cat

Straight from the darkened alleyways of outer Paris comes the ACatCalledFritz. His 1st ever offering is a super tight 3 track 7″. On one side you have the neo soul goodness called Slow Down which features the dreamy vocals of K-Ro and Julien Mercier on the trumpet. The flip has 2 instrumental joints with the standout being As A Mug. Deejay Lyrik‘s cuts on each track compliment ACatCalledFritz‘s production. Releases of this standard are a rarity in 2009.