tasty artwork

Alex Eveson‘s new inprint Channel 82 deserves a warm reception!!

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RIP Jay Dee

I had my pre-order on this one for some time and the 1 month delay over here in Europe seemed like an eternity. But it was well worth the wait…………….

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You gotta ...

How on earth did I almost miss this 45 !!?? I have to tighten up my game 🙂

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Kamaal The Abstract


I was tempted to buy a ticket to London when I saw the flyer for the Q-Tip gig at the Roundhouse. Thankfully it was recorded & aired last week on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show along with a short but sweet interview.

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The Port Angels?

There isn’t anything to mention as there is no information to be found on the  label Julie or group The Port Angels. This 45 is a vibrant 2 part funky instrumental joint that has a live feel to it purely from the quality of the recording. It was probably performed/recorded in a garage or living room in the 1970’s. The inner label states custom pressed 45 from your analog tape , so I am guessing someone stumbled over the tape & decided to press up just 300 copies up as it sounded absolutely dope. The paper sleeve is hand numbered.

The EP

French beatmaker Dela drops a smooth 12″ vinyl sampler from his recent CD Changes of Atmosphere. I picked up the vinyl purely as the 5 instrumental versions are butter. But if your into spitting then Talib Kweli, Large Pro, Blu & J-Live toast the productions with the consciousness.

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Japanese release only


Volume 5 & 6 have landed….wooop wooop .. reissues from the 1998 cassettes.

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