Killer Funk 007

August 28, 2009

If its not dinked..its not Killer Funk!!

The Killer Funk label has been dropping all kinds of unofficial 7″ re-edits in 2009 and who is complaining? Number 007 is one of my favourite boogaloo joints by Roberto Roena called Que Se Sepa. It sounds just like the original and is a perfect way to spend a 5er. Se sepa se sepa se sepa…..

J.Rocc - Tasters Choice Disc 1

J.Rocc has decided to reissue his super Tasters Choice mix cd series. It was originally only available on CDR at his shows or record stores he decided to hand a few copies ,which ment it was pretty much impossible to get your hands on a copy. Volume 1 is a straight up brazilian mix  that goes through some bossa, samba and boogaloo bits.  I have the originals of 2,3 and 5 – so I won’t be reviewing these but make sure you cop the reissues if you don’t have these already (though I am tempted to grab them again as the packing is 10x nicer). Volume 4 doesnt exist but J Rocc said over at his stoneyjacksonblog that he started it and you can dl the results.  Volume 5 is my pick of the bunch with Volume 1 coming in a close 2nd. As I have said before – J.Rocc is the best DJ.