A follow up of Lord Finesse’s  Blue Note mix that dropped on Toshiba in Japan about 10 years ago. Thank goodness this one doesnt have so many shout outs and just lets the great music play. Definitely worth checking….. Read the rest of this entry »

Fake Blood – Used Volume 6

November 24, 2011


I snuck v5 into the last posting … but yesterday Volume 6 landed on the almighty soundcloud, so I thought it would be wise to shine some more blogging light on these exceptional mixes. The blog has taken a back seat for the mo’ , as I just moved and life is a little hectic. Please bare with me as once the dust settles I should be able to gain enough momentum to resurrect the podcast series and catch up on some wax from the last weeks. I’ll do my best thats for sure….

Slice of Spice records in conjunction with Underboss Entertainment have pulled this mix out after recently raiding the Lord Finesse vaults. The funk soul brother has dropped an ecentric selection of breaks, samples and simply just good music. If your gonna buy a mix CD this year then I would recommend this …….

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v1 / v2 / v3 / v4 / v5

DJ Touché (from The Wiseguys fame) AKA Fake Blood has laced the world with 5 killer breaks mixes. Essential listening for those that like digging in the crates. Class is in session…..

twitterhiphopcc // softsellcc

I just returned from a little work related getaway this week in Luxemburg. I really like this city/country, but it’s not really somewhere you would put on your list of places to go on holidays. Unfortunately we were on a tight schedule so I didn’t have time to go diggin’ in the crates. We basically spent all our the time in workshops, at restaurants soaking up french red wine or chilling in the hotel bar downing caipi’s. As I am a conditioned father who wakes up early, I managed to hit the gym almost each day. These 2 Cut Chemist mixes were found on my iphone and were on constant rotation for the entire time when I was working out. Nuttin’ but bare classics that you know, love & ain’t heard in years!!!

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Just when you thought the Roses series was over, DJ Mitsu returns with his next installment. Midnight Roses keeps that rhodes heavy vibe alive and as the title suggests this one is all about the late night sessions. The mix starts off great, but includes a few vocal tracks & boogie joints that dont really fit with the mellow instrumental selection. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy this mix loads, but I was expecting a little bit more as the other 3 mixes in the series blew my hair back. Make sure you grab a copy from a retailer in Japan.

I think this dropped in the form of a Stones Throw Podcast around the time Secondhand Sureshots was released. I saw this this other day & thought I’d bag the physical copy as you can’t go wrong with a funky president mix. It is by no means his best mix as there is some pretty random dollar bin cheese included but I think J.Rocc wanted to make the point that he can make anything he plays sound good. hmmmm I am not so sure, but it is an entertaining listen!!

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Thankfully the days are slowly getting longer, so I thought I’d kick start your week with this epic multi genre mix. This is up there with Coldcut’s 74 Minutes of Madness and one of the finest essential mixes ever. Big ups to the Pipomixes for posting this and of course The Psyconauts . Fresh from ’96!!

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Andrew Meza’s BTS radio show is back on the air and Eric Lau took control by laying down a special guest mix that coincides with his tour of Japan and South Korea. Make sure you get your pre-order on for his latest instrumental offering Quadrivium that drops 2mrw on Killawatt.

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Random Movement Podcast #16

December 23, 2010


The monthly Random Movement podcast has reached the 16th edition. This one is probably the strongest so far with a swag of future classics and a nice flow right through. A lovely mix to chill out to over the festive season. Enjoy!

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