Music from Black Dynamite

December 3, 2009

I haven’t seen Black Dynamite but the OST is a little bit cheesy and like your average blaxploitation film soundtrack. Funnily enough the LP of Music from the Movie is on a completely different tip. They have used the crème de la crème of british library music made for film and television in the 70’s on the KPM and Themes Labels.  This music is stuff you don’t come by very often (as it was never commercially sold) & they have hand picked the better stuff from the likes of composers Alan Hawkshaw, Brian Bennett, and Johnny Pearson. This is without a doubt the funkiest LP I have picked up in 2009 and it’s out on Wax Poetics Magazine’s little record label. There were only 2000 hand numbered copies produced that come in a plastic cover with 2 lobby cards and a info sheet with information on the origins of the music.

Still Bill – The Movie

September 25, 2009

A documentary about the great Bill Withers is screening at the odd independent cinema around the world. Unfortunately it is a bit far out of my reach,  so I will wait patiently for the DVD. Check out all the info over at   . . . .