Since Jay Dee passed away a few years back & there has been a countless tribute mixes with all the same tunes played in different orders. One that has managed to stand the test of time on my MP3 player is this one by DJ Rasta Root. The mix has no over the top turntablistic muscle flexing or tunes coming in every 16 bars. Rest Of Dilla is simply a smooth 60 minute roll out that compliments the music from the great producer that was J Dilla. Straight up butter………..

Dub Kweli

September 22, 2010


Mashup producer Max Tannone is at it again. This time he has flipped some Talib Kweli over some reggae riddems. Get on it if you loved Mos Dub….All the info is over at

CalibreS&B2010 //  IntalexS&B2010 // SPYS&B2010

Fresh recordings from the Soul:ution Session down at Sun & Bass in Sardinia a few days ago. Strictly vibes, new bits and a few classics brought to you by Intalex, S.P.Y. & Calibre plus toastings from an assortment of MC’s. Thanks to whoever recorded these sets.


I absolutely loved his 1st two singles as a solo artist, but Mayer Hawthorne‘s debut album failed to follow through. Not that the album was unlistenable, I just found it was a bit boring, predictable and nothing I needed in my collection. Mind you, most of this new soul & funk stuff coming out these days is just to clean that it sounds cheesey – I guess it can be put down to recording techniques and technology used to produce music.

So now the hype is now over and Mayer has sung his heart out with an Otis Leavill cover over a drum heavy & soulful production from hip hop heavyweight Nottz. This is a single side pressing with a sweet etching by Freegums on the flip. It’s supposedly limited (well we will see as STH seem to pull this ltd stunt often eg. mayers love heart 7″, doom etc) and comes in a a plastic cover…… Big Tune Alert.

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This is the 1st single from Seu Jorge & his band Almaz new self-titled album. Their cover of the Roy Ayers’ anthem is without a doubt the best I have ever heard, it has a Brazilian touch without taking away the original melody or lyrics. Mario C (from Paul’s Boutique & Jack Johnson fame) took care of the production. Summer has almost ended but this one will definitely be cherished on them sunny days, in the years to come…….Classic.

keep it movin’……..

September 3, 2010

A peep inside my sack!! All original 90’s hip hop gems in tip top condition that I picked up yesterday….

I have some new bits to review, so I’ll try do that on the weekend. In the meanwhile peep this… Finest Ego (free for the next 5 days courtesy of PMC).