This 7″ dropped later last year on Futuristica Music and its well worth checking because its by Mr Beatnick. He caught my attention a good 2 or 3 years ago when his SOS re-edit appeared. He is one of the best contemporary beat makers in the UK and this release is no exception. 4th day is a beautiful sample based journey of sound and colour. Fallin Apples is on the flip, which is a crunchier track that Mr Beatnick flexes his production muscles, but still manages to pack the tune with plenty of emotion. If only Mr Beatnick spent less time on twitter and more time making beats, as almost everything of his put out on wax has been brilliant.

Melting Pot Records ain’t messing about on the release tip, coming with it each and every single. This time round is the young duo, producer Full Crate and singer Mar out of Amsterdam. There is some super sexxy neo soul, late night vibes going on this 12″, with guest Eric Roberson even laying down some vocals on She Was Fly (my favourite cut on the release is actually the version without him).  Warm, deep and e s  sensual ……..

They are scheduled to do a Hi-Hat Club release so we have that to look forward too!!

Freedom, Rhythm & Sound

January 24, 2010


I am still finding my way with Jazz music. Its such a general term to describe music that originated in the turn of the last century in African American communities in the Southern United States. What I find so fascinating about this music apart from the fact  that some of it sounds great, is that it had so much relevance in peoples lives and has such a great history.

Late last year Gilles Peterson & Stuart Baker put together a book of LP covers from spiritual jazz LP’s from 1963-1982 and recently dropped  the CD/LP that coincided. The 1st sentence on the back of the cover sums up what the compilation is all about .. features works of revolutionary jazz artists who matched the creation  of new radical music with values of self detrmination and self-empowerment. This effected how they lived their lives & how they negotiated ownership and control of their music.

This is not your average Jazz compilation as its compiled by 2 connoisseurs who have dug out some extra special bits in their collections for this release. It’s out now on double CD & Vinyl on Soul Jazz Records. Do check the podcast for an insight into the project…

Music & total creation have always been my motivation. It has been my saviour & my guide. To it I owe my high and my pain. The movement of sound and colors through my mind has reached my fingers. They move with love & desire equal to that of a new born child’s passion for Nature & Growth. I hold the faith that Art & Passion shall overcome all.  –  John Klemmer. 1976.

Soulclap is back after the long hiatus. Simon S is still on the re-edit duties, this time taking on the wonderful Free Soul by saxophone player John Klemmer. He has basically left the main hooks from the original tune, beefed the drums up a touch and sprinkled a couple of vocal samples to give it that golden era feel. The flip has some Ed OG acapella laced nicely over a big David Axelrod sample. Word on the street is that only 500 copies were pressed, so I am thinking I might pick up another copy this week before they are all gone…..

Tribe – Rebirth

January 17, 2010

Tribe started a band, a recording company, and a magazine in Detroit in the early 1970’s. They were a legendary political, social, and aesthetic collective in this time. Bizarre enough as it is, techno legend Carl Craig has gotten some of the key players together to produce the groovy Rebirth album. The LP keeps the 70’s spiritual jazz up to date with a deeply respectful finish. It comes on heavyweight double vinyl with a gatefold cover. This LP is something I randomly stumbled over a few weeks back and has blown my hair back big time. A serious contender for the best Jazz LP of 2010 or late entry for last year.

Happy New Year

January 1, 2010


My best wishes to everyone for the new year. I had planned to do a top 10 for 2009 but its kinda pointless because all of the music I recommend on here is special to me in some way or another and there was clearly a truck load of outstanding releases. I have just decided to pick my tune of the year, that being Promise In Love by Mitsu & Jose James. 

The next edition of the Rollocast will hopefully be sooner rather than later….