Just when you thought the Roses series was over, DJ Mitsu returns with his next installment. Midnight Roses keeps that rhodes heavy vibe alive and as the title suggests this one is all about the late night sessions. The mix starts off great, but includes a few vocal tracks & boogie joints that dont really fit with the mellow instrumental selection. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy this mix loads, but I was expecting a little bit more as the other 3 mixes in the series blew my hair back. Make sure you grab a copy from a retailer in Japan.


A 5 year old rare groove mix from Kanzulu that just went to air on BTS Radio. Listen.

A few new Worldwide shows

October 20, 2010

GPShadow //    GPKonAmir

Yesterday I found time again to catchup on some Worldwide shows that I missed in the last few weeks. 2 killer sessions worthy of your time are the ones with DJ Shadow or Kon & Amir. The usual interesting chats and obscure selections you come to expect for these top of the game crate diggers. Highly entertaining ……

Once again my blog has been neglected due to the lack of free time on my hands, I even passed up on the Mos Def show here last night because I was so knackered from the week.  Thankfully there is no shortage of good music. I doubt I will catch up on whats been hot the last weeks so I will just recommend you grab the  Madlib Beat Konducta  Africa 3xLP & his  Space Jazz 2xLP (Madlib has already released about 6 albums so far this year), the Drum Brothers/Soul Square 12 on Kif, Ed Smith’s jazzy booty of the Message or Calibre’s latest thing his Signature inprint.

This week I picked up the latest mix CD from DJ Mitsu the Beats called Bossa-nova em uso diario. He has gone all out with a eclectic selection of chilled latin tunes both new and old. As always, it flows the whole way through, is mixed tightly (naturally beat matching live drums isn’t always possible) and well worth every yen. I was also lucky enough to buy from discogs.com the missing mix in my Roses collection. He put out 3 of these library/jazz fusion/rhodes heavy Roses mixes a couple of years back and being Japanese only releases they have been quite difficult to track down. Get ’em if you see ’em.

J.Rocc - Tasters Choice Disc 1

J.Rocc has decided to reissue his super Tasters Choice mix cd series. It was originally only available on CDR at his shows or record stores he decided to hand a few copies ,which ment it was pretty much impossible to get your hands on a copy. Volume 1 is a straight up brazilian mix  that goes through some bossa, samba and boogaloo bits.  I have the originals of 2,3 and 5 – so I won’t be reviewing these but make sure you cop the reissues if you don’t have these already (though I am tempted to grab them again as the packing is 10x nicer). Volume 4 doesnt exist but J Rocc said over at his stoneyjacksonblog that he started it and you can dl the results.  Volume 5 is my pick of the bunch with Volume 1 coming in a close 2nd. As I have said before – J.Rocc is the best DJ.



When I put the newest offering from Now Again on my decks last weekend I was pleasantly suprised not to be hearing some obscure 70s funk, but instead what sounded like some rare & reissued lost bossa jazz album from the 60s. Funnily enough the trio who made this record, Triorganico, are now residing in southern California and recently recorded these 18 organic & warm accoustic brazilian grooves. Conivencia is an authentic, unique & extremely  beautiful album that would appeal to lovers of bossa-nova, tropicalia or latin jazz. My only gripe about this 2×12″ LP was that its deserves better packaging (perhaps a gatefold cover).