Trishes – Edits

March 26, 2010



My mate ordered me 2 copies of this a few weeks back and unfortunately he put the wrong delivery address on the package, so it ended up going somewhere else. But thankfully here in Germany the postal service are on the ball, returned it to the sender and it finally came in my direction the other day. It made me appreciate the good old german reliability, this kind of thing would never have happened when I was living in Australia or the UK.

And now to the music!! Trishes from Vienna has done the finest Bill Withers re-edit I have ever heard. The Lightening Rod Sport beat sits perfectly under the Bill Withers slow jam. There is a lovely Dorando edit on the flip, but this Bill joint has me under a spell at the moment. Sweet, soulful and limited to 300 copies.

Robert Glasper Beat Tape

March 19, 2010


Dela drops a free beat tape/unofficial remix album of some of jazz pianist Robert Glasper’s music. Sparkling goodness!!

Madlib’s crate digging buddy Kan Kick released this digitally a while back,  but its seems that HHV have struck a deal with him and decided to put out Volume 1 & 2 on wax. These  jazzy instrumental loops are bound to keep the underground beat fanatics happy. 500 copies are pressed of each Volume so get in before you miss out.

The man behind the wicked Marvin edits is at it again. This time round Marc Rapson is doing unofficial tings on Sarah Vaughen & also The Carpenters. The results are mystical and beautiful…..


Round 3 ding ding…The Heilbronn beatsmith Dexter delivers a jazz tingled LP of crunchy hip hop beats. This is the strongest release so far in the  Hi Hat Club series. My apoligies for the quick and unlightening review but time isn’t on my side at the moment. The point I am stressing is Dexter is a talented 26 year old and you best pick up a copy sooner rather than later as it is limited to 700 copies.


José is back with his 2nd full length album which I have played a good 50x since it dropped a  month ago. Whether its better than his 1st album – I will leave that for you to decide, but it is without a doubt the best CD so far in 2010. Blackmagic is an album all about love, with Taylor McFerrin having produced the jazzier numbers, and beatmakers Moodyman, Mitsu and Flying Lotus in charge of the more neo soul/ hip hop flavoured tracks. José  James’s baritone voice is a breath of fresh air and lyrics packed with sincerity. This is another quality Brownswood GP backed project. Make sure you catch The José James Quartet live on tour in Europe this month and also cop the white 12″/ Ep which dropped last week……….Yes they are all essential.

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