Still Bill – The Movie

September 25, 2009

A documentary about the great Bill Withers is screening at the odd independent cinema around the world. Unfortunately it is a bit far out of my reach,  so I will wait patiently for the DVD. Check out all the info over at   . . . .

Caja Y GuacharachaFound In Translation

Mochilla have dropped their newest batch of eccentric Mix CD’s.

Quantic delivers Caja Y Guacharacha, which is a selection of earthy music from his new place of residency, Colombia & Panama. It is a very colourful, rhythmically complex and a selection of music you won’t of heard unless your from this part of the world and love digging. 

LA’s slept on mix tape bandito Phoreyz lays down the souled out, latin, cross genre funk fueled mix called Found In Translation.

Count Bass D and Aardvark have also released mixes but I decided for the 2 above. I have no doubt they are of a high standard because Mochilla is one of them labels that will always put out good stuff as the people running it are passionate about music & art.

Mos Def – The Ecstatic

September 20, 2009

Mos Def - The Ecstatic LP (includes a free DL card for the whole album on 320kbps MP3)

Thank goodness Mos Def is back to his Hip Hop roots on his newest LP entitled The Ecstatic. He doesn’t disappoint with the usual thought provoking rhymes about topics most MCs wouldnt have a clue about.  The production is varied from track to track with Madlib, Oh No, Mr Flash and Preservation doing the majority of the arabic / indian / soundtrack flavoured music. The standout tracks for me are the collab with Slick Rick  – Auditorium (Rick the ruler KILLS it with the story telling) and The Embassy, but to be fair the entire LP is wicked. This is an album for peoples that were into Black On Both Sides or enjoy conscious lyrics…..

Bibio – Fire Ant

September 16, 2009

Bibio - Fire Ant

I peeped Bibio‘s album on Warp a few months back and was contempt with bagging the 7″ sampler. The tune on the B side called Fire Ant is the one. I love how he flipped the Commodores sample & blended it with a whole heap of other quirky sounds, then laced it with some perfectly chopped up the beats. A brilliant tune on the post Dilla tip that you need in your life.

Random Movement – Podcast #1

September 15, 2009

RM birdy.... Nicer than looking at him thats for sure!!

RM-Podcast001  …. update and now RM-Podcast002

A brand new podcast series by ony of my favourite DNB producers the last few years, Random Movement. This man has been keeping the faith by rolling out the vibrant sampled based soulful and funky DnB.  His debut LP is due early 2010 on Innerground…

dj day x miles bonny mpm 80

StillMiles // CanYouFeelMe

DJ Day drops the beats and Miles Bonny sings over them paying tribute to a couple cuts off Raphael Saadiq’s debut solo LP Instant Saadiq. The results are nothing short of brilliant on this Melting Pot Music‘s 80th release……

Michael Jackson - 1978 Demos Volume 1

I am generally not big on buying bootlegs as the money doesn’t go to the artist & the sound quality is usually 2nd rate. But in this case I wanna say big up to whoever got their naughty little hands on the tape and pressed up these wicked demo versions of  Don’t Stop til You Get Enough / Workin Day And Night.  MJ was financially raped for years and his death put him out of his misery, so i really think a release like this is so irrelevant. As for LaToya’$ comeback and the Jermaine’$ tribute tour….. no comment.

Mitsu in Paris 2009 - photo from

mitsu-rbmafiresidechat   //  mitsu-1xtrabenjib2004

I was away when DJ Mitsu did his mix on GP’s Worldwide (23/07/2009) and I still haven’t managed to find a copy anywhere online – if you do have a copy on mp3 then please gimme a shout. But what I did stumble over upon my searches were his little showcase on the wonderful RBMA Radio from July, plus another old set he did for 1xtra when Benji B was over in Japan way back in 2004.  Check them both if your down with the Jazzy Sport sound.

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Instra:mental – Watching You

September 12, 2009

...and where you go

I have heard Instra:mental‘s Watching You a zillion times already & it still sounds great. The press notes are spot on ..  “the fusion of original vocals, Detroit influenced chords and their trademark tight percussion. Ice-cold robotic vocals and heart-warming chord stabs will make the hairs on your neck stand on end listen after listen. This tune is a timeless piece of music that no amount of jargon can justifiably explain.” Yes it is all that and more. I am making an early call, but this is the DNB tune of 2009.

Across the globe 7"

Across the globe and back by J.R. & PH7  has been on heavy the rotation the last few weeks. These 2 producers (who are completely new to me) have teamed up with rapper Caucasian, to make this international sun drenched golden era sounding hip hop delight. Yes hip hop is alive and well,  but I must admit you gotta dig a littler deeper to find anything special. Make sure you cop this 7″ ………..