For those that don’t know, Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito were responsible for breaking too many hip hop artists back in the 90’s on their Columbia University radio show in NYC . Their show featured exclusive demo tapes and in-studio freestyles from many then-unsigned artists (yes we are talking the likes of Jay Z,  Nas, Wu, Biggie etc).

2010 marks just over 20 years since their 1st show so they recently had a reunion. An extra large 5 hours of music & banter which is not to be missed. Thanks Gordy for the tip……


A nice little 30 minute mix of unreleased Calibre beats by his Irish mate Zero T. Recorded a few months ago on his Footprints radio show. Bring on Shelflife Volume 3 please Mr Martin ……….

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A few new Worldwide shows

October 20, 2010

GPShadow //    GPKonAmir

Yesterday I found time again to catchup on some Worldwide shows that I missed in the last few weeks. 2 killer sessions worthy of your time are the ones with DJ Shadow or Kon & Amir. The usual interesting chats and obscure selections you come to expect for these top of the game crate diggers. Highly entertaining ……

I picked this one up 2nd hand for a seller a few weeks back and it has quickly become my favourite release on the wonderful CTI/Kudu records. Drummer Idris Muhannad has layed down the tighest of grooves with a splendid line-up including Bob james, Grover Washington Jr and co. The opening track is a touch on the rocky tip but the other 3 are so mellow, colourful and are the reason why I love the whole jazz fusion thing. Raw from 1974…….

DJ Catalist – Real Soul

October 11, 2010


Marvin & Tammi’s vocals laced over a Lennie Hibbert instrumental = Sweet as fook. Out now on the naughty BSTRD Boots.

This album hasn’t left my decks all week. Yet another tip top BBE compilation, this time selected by Dj Spinna and BBE legend Peter Ardakwah. They have gone all out with some sweet soul, disco gems, obscure jazz fusion, latin heat and other funky joints that you would somehow associate with Hip Hop. This is without a doubt the high point in the series. …..

I returned to ebay last week for a quick online dig and found this 45 for a €5er including postage. I am not huge collector of stuff from the disco era but I do love the odd boogie track. Claudja Barry was probably the only Jamaican that lived in Germany & I am pretty sure Love for the sake of love is the only tune by her I can see myself enjoying.