Just when you thought the Roses series was over, DJ Mitsu returns with his next installment. Midnight Roses keeps that rhodes heavy vibe alive and as the title suggests this one is all about the late night sessions. The mix starts off great, but includes a few vocal tracks & boogie joints that dont really fit with the mellow instrumental selection. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy this mix loads, but I was expecting a little bit more as the other 3 mixes in the series blew my hair back. Make sure you grab a copy from a retailer in Japan.

Once again my blog has been neglected due to the lack of free time on my hands, I even passed up on the Mos Def show here last night because I was so knackered from the week.  Thankfully there is no shortage of good music. I doubt I will catch up on whats been hot the last weeks so I will just recommend you grab the  Madlib Beat Konducta  Africa 3xLP & his  Space Jazz 2xLP (Madlib has already released about 6 albums so far this year), the Drum Brothers/Soul Square 12 on Kif, Ed Smith’s jazzy booty of the Message or Calibre’s latest thing his Signature inprint.

This week I picked up the latest mix CD from DJ Mitsu the Beats called Bossa-nova em uso diario. He has gone all out with a eclectic selection of chilled latin tunes both new and old. As always, it flows the whole way through, is mixed tightly (naturally beat matching live drums isn’t always possible) and well worth every yen. I was also lucky enough to buy from discogs.com the missing mix in my Roses collection. He put out 3 of these library/jazz fusion/rhodes heavy Roses mixes a couple of years back and being Japanese only releases they have been quite difficult to track down. Get ’em if you see ’em.

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October 13, 2009

JSV-073 & JSV-074

Mitsu The Beats is back with 2 new little slabs of wax. One 7″ is the 2nd sampler from his 2nd album which has lush rhodes, electric piano and the soulful vocals of Ivana Shantilli from Canada. The other 45 contains a remix of the cover version The Louis Gee Ensemble did of Rene Costy’s libraray tune Scrabble. 2 nice……..

Mitsu in Paris 2009 - photo from http://www.flickr.com/photos/hermann-deza/465577341/

mitsu-rbmafiresidechat   //  mitsu-1xtrabenjib2004

I was away when DJ Mitsu did his mix on GP’s Worldwide (23/07/2009) and I still haven’t managed to find a copy anywhere online – if you do have a copy on mp3 then please gimme a shout. But what I did stumble over upon my searches were his little showcase on the wonderful RBMA Radio from July, plus another old set he did for 1xtra when Benji B was over in Japan way back in 2004.  Check them both if your down with the Jazzy Sport sound.

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Mitsu 7"

One of Japan’s finest beat makers in the underground hip hop scene – DJ Mitsu,  is back with a new LP for 2009. This 7″ happens to be the 1st sampler for the album which is available on the legendary Jazzy Sport imprint from Shibuya. NYC’s Brownswood representive Mr José James blesses this release with some sweet & soulful vocals. Essential stuff…………