Electric Wire Hustle – EP 001

March 31, 2009


I rarely get time to listen to Benji B’s show on 1xtra but I managed to once earlier this year. There was 1 tune in particular that he played which really grabbed me. It was by a trio out of NZ called EWH and they flipped Minnie Riperton’s Inside my Love  so well. I didn’t think anyone else could do it as good as Tribes, J88 or Kenny Dope!!

The  tune on the a- side Perception  is the one that prompted me to bag this 12″ , but the flip has an equally tasty number with Steve Spacek on vocals.

EWH live!!

This is Electric Wire Hustle’s debut release & its out on the Japanese label Wonderful Noise. I think the pressing is limited,  from what I have read the label likes to keep releases to 500 copies only. Essential if you have a spare €20!!

Stacks of wax...

2 Responses to “Electric Wire Hustle – EP 001”

  1. Willing to share a rip of this? Let me know. Peace.

  2. udon said

    Sorry but I didn’t pay €20 for this 12″ to give it away for free. You can grab yourself a copy via junos, hhv or hit the artist/label up on myspace?

    Maybe I will feature a track on a forthcoming edition of the Rollocast !!?? 😉

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