Lord Finesse – The Art of Diggin’: The Grind & The Hustle

November 8, 2011

Slice of Spice records in conjunction with Underboss Entertainment have pulled this mix out after recently raiding the Lord Finesse vaults. The funk soul brother has dropped an ecentric selection of breaks, samples and simply just good music. If your gonna buy a mix CD this year then I would recommend this …….

There is some killers forthcoming from Lord Finesse on SOS…can’t wait 🙂

SSR-FLEX1: ‘You Know What I’m About (Remix)’
SSR-007: ‘Funky Technician Instrumentals’
SSR-009: ‘Set It Off Troop’ b/w ‘S.K.I.T.S. Remix’ + Instrumentals
SSR-011: ‘Check Me Out Baby Pah’ b/w ‘Pull Ya Card’ + Instrumentals
SSR-013: ‘Knockin’ Niggaz Out’ ft. Big L b/w ‘Hands In The Air, Mouth Shut’ + Instrumentals
SSR-015: ‘Come On (Remix)’ ft. Notorious B.I.G.
SSR-017: ‘Funky Technician Remix Project’

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