Sci-Clone – Everywhere I Go (remix)

April 29, 2011

Unfortunately loads of the DnB records in my collection from around the millenium are worse for wear as I was playing out on the regular. I probably should have taken better care, but at the time it really didn’t matter. As I get older I have started to realise that I want to enjoy some of this music in 30 years time and alot of these records won’t ever be repressed,  so about 18 months ago I have started buying doubles of some of my favourites 😉

One 12″ that came my way yesterday that sits in my all time DnB top 10, is Sci-Clone’s Everywhere I Go remix. The tune rolls out nicely with some live but loose jazzy drums & uplifting/euphoric keys, the sub bass drops subtlely and Kiwi Nathan Haines blows his soulful sax out over the top (later after the breakdown he blows a few flute licks too). This is no club banger, but somehow it’s still got something infectious and special about it. It is a pity that Sci-Clone only put out a handful of releases around the year 2000 as their music was definitely magic. This is one of them tunes that raises the hairs on arms when I hear it & is perhaps one of the most beautiful moments in DnB. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh … TUNE

2 Responses to “Sci-Clone – Everywhere I Go (remix)”

  1. decon said

    soso true.

  2. Just listening to this as I type, these two are rumored to come back but that was ages ago.. This tune just is bliss and the fact it came out on Metalheadz shows that Headz were the ones.

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