Metal Fingers – Special Herbs Box Set Vol.0-9

March 4, 2011

After cleaning up at the HHV sale and making good use of my 15% off voucher at the checkout, my monthly record budget is almost officially blown. Oh well, it’s not everyday that the mighty Doom decides to release all the Special Herbs on vinyl. This 10 x 12″ box set has super nice packaging with silver inner sleaves, a bonus 45, poster and download card (my only gripe – whats the deal with 160kbps mp3s – why not 320s??). It wasn’t cheap but when you do your maths, you start to feel much better about owning something that is limited to 750 copies and has too many dope beats. Hours of listening pleasure here……….

One Response to “Metal Fingers – Special Herbs Box Set Vol.0-9”

  1. sdm said

    Yeh man, i didn’t jump on this as I already got a couple of the special herbs double packs, an the price put me off.
    Didn’t realize they were 10″s though!

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