Another one down…..

December 31, 2010

What a great year it has been, I have never felt so tired after 365 days, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way 🙂  There hasn’t been much time to just chillout for a whole day and listen to tunes, but music is not everything right ??!! 😉 It has been more about wacking a record on here and there and enjoying it at that particular moment.  I have attempted a follow up rollocast (#11) on 3 occasions but my mixer is totally f**ked and I need to lash out and upgrade, sorry about that. The whole DJing out thing hasn’t happened either, but tbh with you this is the 1st time where I have actually no burning desire.

I still can’t get over the amount of great releases in the past 12 months. The cool thing is that I have bagged a load of things I never expected, spent loads of time researching and discovering artists I never dreamt of, picked up a load of re-edits/rare reissues and some great 2nd hand bits from private sellers. Although the amount of records being produced has decreased and every 2nd release is a limited edition 500 copy pressing, I still think the whole vinyl thing is healthy enough.

I thought I’d do a little run down on some of the finest slices this year. I skipped a few categories so I will make sure some of them are included next time round.

Best DnB Tune: Lenzman – Open Page (Metalheadz) …. Somehow I never reveiwed this, as I missed out on the 1st pressing even though I pre-ordered before it was on promo and then I waited months for the repress. Anyway, what a tune. Stunning vocals from Riya and the trademark Lenzman production. A fitting release on the legendary label.

Best Radio Show: Stretch and Bobbito 20th Anniversary Episode (Free dl) …. History right here – highly entertaining.

Best Mashup:  DJ Catalist – Real Soul (Bstrd Boots)…. A massive anthem at home with my family. Mashups don’t get much better than this.

Best Re-edit: Simon S – A Free Soul (Soulclap)… Klemmer goodness and another fine Simon S rerub.

Best Compilation: Groove Merchant 20 Years (Luv N Haight)… LP plus CD, poster, download code, heavy dutycardboard gatefold cover and some sweet soul music handpicked by SF’s finest indie record store. Happy 20th Groove Merchant. Review to come in the next weeks …the BBE Strange Games & Things 5 was a close 2nd place.

Best Mix Cd: J.Rocc – A Dusty Crate. Most Ya Know. Some Ya Dont . . .. The finest DJ drops another bombastic mix for Japan.

Best Album: José James  – Blackmagic (Brownswood)…. It hasn’t been a strong year for albums. Looking back I thought I’d try make it easy, so I asked myself, what I have i listened to the most? And the answer was Blackmagic. José is such a huge talent and his release on Impulse in June was well deserved. I was lucky to catch him live in March and he sounded even better than he does on CD.

A special mention goes to Madlib for his epic amount of albums, reissue kings Jazzman for so many quality releases & RIP Guru.

Here is to 2010… I can’t wait to hear what the next 12 months brings!!

One Response to “Another one down…..”

  1. Holger Nelsbach said

    AHHH!! The picture is awesome! I have 100% the same situation every second day – only I have wooden floors, so I’m afraid Henri falls back over, everytime he does that.

    Also I really dig your best of 2010. (Only I would put Strange Games on #1)

    Take care!


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