Random Movement – Lucky Guess

August 24, 2010


After being put back 6 months the debut album from Random Movement called Lucky Guess is finally here (officially the start October)!! RM is one of the few DnB producers that grabbed my ear after his 1st big release on Bassbin in 2005. His productions filled the gap as the entire warm, sample based, cliche “liquid” DnB was missing since its emergence earlier in the decade. The 12 track, straight up DnB album touches almost every corners of the DnB spectrum where a groove can be found. Interestingly enough the album represents his time as a DNB producer showcasing works from 2002 until the present, but still  manages to flow the entire way though for the CD listeners at home. There are some gems on there that I have been waiting for a few years,  Kids In The Sea is one of them. Thankfully newer tracks like Waterlogged have also been included, Marky has absolutely canned that one in the last year. My only gripe about the whole project is that the 12 tracks are only available digitally & on the CD version, with the vinyl release consisting of two 12″ samplers. Regardless, this is my pick for the DnB album of 2010….Musical, soulful, stripped back and runnin’ !!!

CD Tracklisting – INN035CD (Release date – 4th October 2010)

1. Waterlogged
2. Yeah, That’s It
3. My Sentiments Feat. Mixmaster Doc & Focus
4. Change For The Train Home
5. To Create A Mood
6. Can’t Resist
7. When You Come Alive
8. Fessing Up About Nothing
9. Lucky Guess
10. Kids In The Sea
11. Bandaids
12. The Self-Aware Convection Oven

Vinyl Sampler 1 – INN036 (Promo’s out now – Full release 13th September)
1. Waterlogged
2. Change For The Train Home

Vinyl Sampler 2 – INN037 (Promo’s out now – Full release 27th September)
1. Yeah, That’s It
2. Can’t Resist (S.P.Y Remix)

*** A big thanks to the friendly people over at Bulldozer/Innerground for sorting me with a copy in advance !! ***

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