Tribe – Rebirth

January 17, 2010

Tribe started a band, a recording company, and a magazine in Detroit in the early 1970’s. They were a legendary political, social, and aesthetic collective in this time. Bizarre enough as it is, techno legend Carl Craig has gotten some of the key players together to produce the groovy Rebirth album. The LP keeps the 70’s spiritual jazz up to date with a deeply respectful finish. It comes on heavyweight double vinyl with a gatefold cover. This LP is something I randomly stumbled over a few weeks back and has blown my hair back big time. A serious contender for the best Jazz LP of 2010 or late entry for last year.

One Response to “Tribe – Rebirth”

  1. ben v said

    Good album and wonderful how Carl Craig has helped to reunite the Tribe. I spoke with some of the parties involved for the current issue of SHOOK magazine (#7), it’s really special to hear Wendell Harrison and Marcus Belgrave tell tales and spread their knowledge.

    Have you checked the video from the live recording in Paris?

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