Sven Libaek – Inner Space 7″

December 21, 2009

DangerReefClip  // DarkWorldClip

Sven Libaek is a name I came across about 10 years ago as his magnificent composition Misty Canyon appeared on a random bootleg comp I purchased. Recently I did a little research and to my suprise the Norwegian moved to Australia in the 60s and was so inspired by the land that he made several LP’s. He also recorded alot of music for film and televsion that I probably listened to subconsciously as a child.

After searching high and low, plus seeing the high prices for some of his LPs, I stumbled over Votary Disk. The label is dedicated to Australian Jazz from the past and they reissue small numbers of the holy grail slices including some of Sven’s better works. No shady bootlegs but proper pressings from the original tapes!!

Having unfortunately missed the very limited repress of Sven Libaek’s Inner Space Soundtrack, I managed to grab one of these 7″s on ebay which creates the perfect underwater scene with some very gentle percussion, sweet vibes and groovy flute lines. This is a highly recommended 7″ with only 200 copies made……

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