DJ Shadow : The 4-Track Era Collection

May 28, 2009

The Shadow 4-Track Era 3xCD

DJ Shadow needs no introducton as his earlier releases on Mo Max are timeless. Anything he puts on from this period I happily buy on sight. His latest offering is a 3xCD collection recorded between 1990-1992 with his Yamaha MT-100 4-track cassette recorder…… 

The 1st CD is a killer hip-hop mix he recorded for the bay area’s KMEL radio station in 1991 (when he was  19 years old). The 2nd disk contains a whole heap of remixes/ megamixes that could have easily made it onto the flip side of the official releases. The last disk represents Shadow’s 1st experiments in original song production, a whopping 22 track selection, beat tape styles.

Yamaha MT-100 4-track cassette recorder

Shadow was well before his time and this package re-emphasizes it, definitely one for anyone who loves Entroducing or Preemptive Strike. It’s supposebly a Japanese exclusive, but I am sure you can grab a copy from

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