House Shoes Presents The King James Version

May 23, 2009

She is not putting on her house shoes

(Verse 1 from 5)

Upon 1st glance a few months ago I thought this was another James Brown RIP mix, I wasn’t overly interested in hearing the funky drummer being juggled for the zillionth time so I passed on it. Then last week I saw some comments by some respected DJ’s/MC’s so I thought I would go back and actually give the snippets a listen. To my suprise the mix was actually f**King brilliant and influenced by another James, who also happens to be a king.

T3 (Slum Village) – “This king james shit is nutz. no homo.”

Amir -“Mad people always talk about how much they love music but my man houseshoes is THE only one I know that consistently holds it down! His knowledge and skill cannot be questioned…basically he is the MAN! I am just the man siitin’ next to the MAN!”

Rhettmatic – “The King James Version is a must for all you hardcore Dilla fans or for Sample Heads. Shoes is the only person besides J.Rocc who can put something together like this…..listening to this will make your head crack! Don’t sleep!”

J-Rocc – “Houseshoes seems to have it all….life isn’t fair sometime. After listening to this you’ll ask yourself how did Dilla do it. All Hail King James (both of em)”

Black Milk – “House Shoes just showed us how much of a genius dilla was even more with this cd and how crazy dillas record collection was im just now finding some of these samples…dilla was light years ahead of us…”

A selection of works sampled by James Yancey mixed by Detroit’s DJ House Shoes.  It can’t be done better …………………

King James Chapter 1: Verse 1-5

Make sure you check some of House Shoes’s Podcasts. The Beat Junkies Radio Edition 12 (part 1 & 2) is worth a listen. J Rocc gets his head cracked for real.

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